The Next Exercise is: “The Pumpkin Carry”

The Next Exercise is: “The Pumpkin Carry”

At the suggestion of finding harder to carry coupons, seven men + 2 pumpkins + 1 sandbag + 3 logs went on a 4 mile ruck in the early gloom at SPEARHEAD

The Thang

Distance: 4.41 Miles with Coupons

STOP 1 (Mile 1): Carmel at Mill Pond

Pushups x 25

Overhead coupon press x 30

STOP 2 (Mile 2): Sharon View & Carmel –

Pushups x 25

Squats x 36

Pushups x 25

Final Pain Station: Carmel Middle

Pushups x 25

Sit ups x 30 (BTB count of 75)



No big log this morning in order to move with more of a purpose. Great pace overall, under 20 mins per mile including pain stations. Inevitably, a pumpkin was dropped…pumpkins bounce!


  • The Challenge is approaching – October 19th. Hoff and Iron Horse are putting together a ruck off. More details to come.
  • PT Reflector belts have arrived! (Dora, Hoff & Schedule C) See Culkin with your $12.00 (increase of $0.50) for your awesome new belt. It fits on the ruck perfectly.

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BTB (Bob The Builder)
BTB (Bob The Builder)
10 years ago

Culkin is always the king of the Thursdays on his home turf. Great route with hills and flats.

Great time this morning, guys. I’ve been out for a couple Thursdays due to work travel, and it felt good to get back. I enjoyed getting a little 2ndF with you guys.

Sorry I held up the COT at the end – but I had to do sit ups to failure to see where my new baseline was. This COTM is doing wonders!

The Hoff
10 years ago

Yeah, great work today guys! I wish I could have been there. Shoulder issues from benching too much weight on Monday and with the GRC next week, not a good idea to aggravate it.

Somehow that Pumpkin head even makes Culkin’s face look better…

I’ll see you all in the gloom tomorrow as I’ve put together a fun and challenging routine! Another Hofftastic workout with rock tunes to keep us moving.

Iron Horse
10 years ago

Great route Culkin – the preblast threat of a festive coupon had me worried. The nuclear pumpkins did indeed suck but it could have been worse. Agree with BTB that I missed the group the last few weeks. Thanks to BTB, Culkin and Dora for getting us newbies ready for the GRC. Did I mention the pumpkins sucked? Myself, BTB, Angler, Sweetness and M-Iron Horse lifted a cold one (or two) in memory of Java, the GoRuck Mascot Extraodinaire.

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