Preblast: Devil’s Turn 10/10

Preblast: Devil’s Turn 10/10

The plan for Devil’s Turn this week is simple.  Meet at the Greenway parking lot (corner of Rea Rd. and Bevington Place) at 5:10am for some stretching/warmup activities then… 

 1)    Leave parking lot at 5:15am and run ~ 1 mile to hill

2)    Run uphill fast and downhill for recovery for 10 minutes (high fives when passing other PAX optional)

3)    Run remaining 1 mile to S. Charlotte Middle School

4)    Turn around and run 1 mile back to hill for 10 more minutes of hill intervals

5)    Run back ~ 1 mile back to COT (high fives then become mandatory)

 That’s the plan.  See you in the cool morning gloom.

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