It’s a little late for a warmup now.

It’s a little late for a warmup now.

birthday cake

16 men gathered in the parking lot of Stonecrest to celebrate YHC’s 27th birthday.

The Thang:

Mosey to the parking lot next to Firebirds for COP.

27 burpees OYO

20 X SSH

20 X IW

20 X Merkins

20 X Mountain Climbers

Mosey to the Fountain, find a piece of wall

20 Jump Ups

20 Dips

20 Derkins

Jog around the Chinese Qdoboutique.

Plank O Rama

Repeato with 27 reps of each exercise

Mosey to movie theater for 3 cone(cup) drills.  Cups were spaced two parking spaces apart.

1.  Lunge Squats

Lunge walk to first cup.  1 Squat.

Lunge walk to second cup.  2 squats.

…..Lunge walk to 8th cup.  8 squats.

2.  Suicide by Burpee

Run to first cup.  1 burpee.  Run back to start.

Run to second cup.  2 burpees.  Run back to start.


Run to 8th cup.  8 burpees.  Run back to start.

3.  Bear Crawl Merkins

Bear crawl to first cup.  2 merkins

Bear crawl to second cup.  4 merkins.


Bear crawl to eighth cup.  16 merkins.  (Runstopper gets to add 72 to his daily total from this drill)

Mosey back to the starting point for some Mary

Flutter X 27

LBC X 27

Heels to Heaven X 15

Rosalita X 27

27 Burpees OYO



Tiger Rag said “It’s a little late for a warmup now.” before the SSH and after the 27 burpees.  YHC must admit, it was a little difficult to give a cadence count after 27 burpees.

YHC introduced Suicide by Burpees at Day Zero on Saturday.  Surpisingly, no pax from Saturday were present at The Maul this morning.  Perhaps YHC is developing a bit of a bad reputation…

To no one’s surprise, Runstopper smoked the Suicide by Burpees.

When YHC called for the second round of 27 burpees, Frehly’s Comet asked if it was a serious instruction.  It was.  It didn’t look like he enjoyed them.

At the conclusion of COT, an SUV rolled into the parking lot.  Mic Check and Runstopper alleged the driver to be YHC’s mother.  It was not.  YHC didn’t enjoy that line of conversation.

Welcome to FNG Craig B. who will be known from now on as Twister.

Mic Check on Q next week.  His birthday is not next week.


Mini Convergence at The Rock on Saturday.  No Ascent.  No Day Zero.  No Area 51.  Everyone meet at The Rock.

Stonehenge will still be meeting at it’s usual time and place.

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