The Return of Century Hill

The Return of Century Hill

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The shovel flag was planted and 25 PAX set off into the gloom for their morning downPAINment.

10 burpees to start us off.

Mosey across the street to the loop without a name.  Partner up (KB size matters):

  • Partner 1 – Farmer carry with 2 KB’s
  • Partner 2 – 10 merkins then run to catch partner 1
  • Flapjacks around entire loop


  • SSH x 30

Partner up again and head to the hill. 

Century Hill:

  • Partner 1 performs KB exercises while partner 2 does hill work
  • Continue to flapjack each time your partner comes down the hill
  • Each team continues until they reach 100 total reps of the KB exercise
    • Round 1 – 2 handed swings; run to top and 10 LBC’s
    • Round 2 – Upright rows; run to the top and 10 Freddie Mercury’s (bicycle)
    • Round 3 – Bicep Curls; bear crawl the hill and jog down
    • Round 4 – Tricep Extensions; crab walk the hill and jog down
  • Little bit of plank-o-rama after rounds 1 & 2
  • Active recovery (hold KB above head until all pax done) after rounds 3 & 4

Circle up for Mary (all in cadence):

  • KB Side Dips x 15 R/L
  • Louganis x 15
  • LBC’s with KB press x 15
  • Flutter with KB press x 15

More Century Hill:

  • Each team continues until they reach 100 total reps:
    • Round 5 – Burpees; run to top and 10 Turkish Get-ups (5 R/L)



  • The pax is getting used to me starting the workout with 10 burpees, so I guess I’ll have to mix it up next time.
  • The KB chasers got off to a rocky start.  About ½ way in, Country Living rolled his ankle on the curb.  I’m happy to report that the Medevac team arrived quickly and got him safely to the extraction point.  Fortunately, it appears that Country Living is okay.  He was able to finish the workout, sans the hill.  Hope the ankle heals fast, brother.
  • Great work out there by everyone.  The Burpee/Turkish get-up finish was just flat out cruel.  Way to finish strong!


  • Christmas Party – be on the lookout for a new Save the Date.  Will be one of the following: 12/6, 12/7, 12/20, 12/21.
  • HDHH Wednesday – 6 pm at either the Lodge (Colony Place) or Vintner Wine Market (Arbo)
  • Read This: “Caleb and the Giants.”

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10 years ago

Other observations:

It would be understandable if Country Livin’ tripped on the curb. But he didn’t. He tripped on the micro-seam in the asphalt next to the curb. I will give him credit, though: he nailed the dismount. Thankfully I was there portage him to safety…until I realized he was walking on it just fine and we were really just two guys walking arm in arm in the dark. A little too much 2nd F for my tastes.

Great day to pair up with Bulldog on partner exercises: his proficiency at Little Baby Merkins (#Bulldogging) saved me mileage on the KB farmer carries, and the #ShortManBurpeeAdvantage on the last set came in handy, too.

Glad to see Blade Runner join the Pax after successfully resisting my EH the week before. I guess Harley is not as scary. I guess I don’t keep up People magazine and Nancy Grace like some, but I was thinking “Blade Runner” referred to the movie, not the murderous South African double amputee. “Unless that offends you,” says the Pax formerly known as Wanker. We might need a mulligan on this one.

Another PSA for the pax: a TGU is with a phased movement with a weight overhead. A deck squat is rolling onto your back and getting up without using assistance of your arms. What we did today was laying down on the road and getting back up–like getting up from a nap. Or if you’re Country Livin’, going for a run.

Finally, I was reminded of this article ( when I spotted a pax in a neon warm up jacket this morning. It was 55 degrees. So here’s my Tough Guy Challenge to the Pax: no sleeves for the winter. After all, sleeves are really just #ArmTights and, though I shouldn’t have to say this, no nylons either. I know Crabcakes is in. Who else?

10 years ago

Another observation: your moleskin looks pretty puny now. Sorry about that.

Reply to  Stage Coach
10 years ago

I took that for what it was: comment baiting.

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