Mr. T

Mr. T

Nine men gathered for a Monday morning workout.

The Thang [reps shown in aggregate for the entire workout]

– 40 Side Straddle Hops and 40 Imperial Walkers [a man has to warm up, right?]

-250 merkins

-150 squats


-62 pull ups [that is right… 62… anyone can do six sets of ten… but are you man enough to do the extra two?]

-Lots of lunge walks [yes, “lots of” is a quantity… it means “many” or “a lot”… look it up]

-People’s Chair [or what we used to call “Three Minutes of Jack”… you want me on that wall; you need me on that wall]

-Little Baby Indian Run [why “Little Baby”… because it was run in a small parking lot with frequent turns]

-Frolicking in the Field [Sound of Music Style]:

  • Karaoke Right X 2
  • Karaoke Left X 2
  • Butt Kickers X 2
  • High Knees X 2
  • Back pedal X 2

-The minutes of Mary



-The US governement may be shut down, but not Area 51.  No sir, Area 51 operates under it’s own rules, with no funding required. 

-Today’s workout was delivered at an easy pace.  Never rushed; never hurried.  Just pounding consistently for 45 minutes.  I expect the pecs and glutes will be screaming from the merkins and lunges/squats. 

-Floor Slapper arrived late again.  But instead of driving his car into the COP to join the workout, today he just “let the PAX find him” wandering around in the gloom like a Duke Univesity graduate in search of a floor to slap. 

-Uncle Leo got a haircut.  Looks sharp, but miss the bedhead.

-It’s official… I have run out of ideas for workout names.  I’m tapped out.  So, today’s workout has been named Mr. T.  Why?  Why not?     

-Alf is on Q next week… should be fun. 



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