Westside Story at The Maul

Westside Story at The Maul

Posted for Dirty Bird

10 Jets and 10 Sharks scampered around The Maul following Dirty Bird through a painful workout.


SSH X25, Imperial walker X25, Merkin X25, Squat X25, Merkin X15, Burpees X5

Mosey to Cantina

Partner 1 Dips, Jump Ups, decline merkins – Partner 2 Run to the Wendy’s sign (Flapjack between each)

Mosy towards Chick-Fil-A

4 Station Leg Workout (Lunge Walk, squats, Sister Mary Catherine, Calf Raises) x2

Mosey to grass for Jack Web (1 merkin 4 airpresses……8 merkins 32 air presses)

Mosey to side of Target for MOM (LBC x25, Dolly X25, Flutter X25, Rosalita X25, Heels to heaven to 6 inches (all in one motion) X25, Side crunch x10 both sides

Moderate run back to the theater

60yrd agility workout x2 (shuffle X2 , karaoke X2, 50% jog x2, 50% jog then backwards , 50% jog sprint back, sprint X2, sprint 100 yards sprint back then all out sprint to the cars


Dirty Bird took a turn at Qing the Maul today and had a really well thought out workout in store for the Pax.  At one point we broke into 4 groups and went through various leg stations.  Somebody(Market Timer, Runstopper, maybe Mighty) pointed out we looked like we were in Westside Story, as we lunge walked toward another group.  The jokes went on from there and continued throughout.

I think The Maul heard Dirty Bird would be our leader today because the street sweeper was out in full force.  Excellent work Dirty B and Pax.

Next week Birthday Boy Mighty Mite will take the Q.  Don’t miss it.


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Market Timer
Market Timer
10 years ago

I propose a dance-off between Anvil and The Maul…. We could meet at a nuetral site. Yes? Wait, no? Ok, no…nevermind.

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