Preblast: Devil’s Turn Octoberfest

Preblast: Devil’s Turn Octoberfest

This week, the plan is for Yasso intervals.  It turns out our brothers at SIB did this workout on Tuesday so see the Preblast from Bratwurst for some great tips on calculating your goal time.

We will not have time for many intervals out at the track but we can at least get our feet wet for this type of speed work for potential future “track only” work. 

Here’s the plan:

– Everyone launch together from Greenway parking lot (corner of Rea Rd. and Bevington Place) at 5:15 am.

– Run 2 miles out to S. Charlotte Middle School track

– At the track, 3-Options:

1)    4-mile folks: 15 min of boot camp

2)    6-mile folks wanting speed work (Yasso intervals)

  1. 800m (1-lap) at your Marathon pace in minutes instead of hours (see SIB link for how to calculate)
  2. Same amount of time on recovery jog – not walk
  3. Repeat until 5:45 am

3)    6-mile folks out for a cruise: 8 laps at desired pace

– Run 2 miles back to parking lot for COT arriving around 6:00 am (maybe a little later depending on how much we like the track work). 

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