Living Up to the Hype

Living Up to the Hype

The #F3DayZero Challenge

The shovel flag was planted, the tunes were cued up and the giant weinke that held the day’s tasks was hammered into the ground. 14 men, including 1 FNG, gathered in early morning coolness and stared at what we were about to undertake.

Giant Weinke

In between each exercise, we ran a lap around the 1/3 mile McAlpine Elementary track.

The Challenge was tough, living up to the hype.  It showed us no mercy.  But we gave it none in return.  All the pax worked hard this morning.  Most of those that did the Challenge the first time around improved on their results…#MissionAccomplished.  And those that did it for the first time battled from start to finish.  Congratulations to all who took on the #F3DayZero Challenge.

The next Challenge day is 11/23…mark it down.

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Iron Horse
10 years ago

another good one! i got smoked on the LBC’s.
i think we should consider an extra credit in the November version – tag the hour, then dive back in and finish the list. (but only if we can remove the last 200 burpees (#holidaydream)). would be 19 rounds, ~10k running. #latetothecoffeteria

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