Hashtag Sprint Intervals

Hashtag Sprint Intervals

The VSF was planted and 12 PAX were off and running.

The Thang

COP for Burpee Ladder intro:
20x SSHs
10 Burpees
20x Imp Walkers
9 Burpees
20x Merkins
8 Burpees
20x Squats
7 Burpees
20x Seal Jacks
6 Burpees
10x SSHs
5 Burpees
10x Imp Walkers
4 Burpees
10x Merkins
3 Burpees
10x Squats
2 Burpees
10x Seal Jacks
1 Burpee

Sprint Intervals #1
PAX formed into teams of 3 and alternated 40-yard dashes. Repeated 8x. This gave each team approx 15 seconds of rest between sprints.

COP of Mary
10x LBCs
10x Russian Twists
10x Freddie Mercs
10x Dollies
10x Low Slow Flutters

Sprint Intervals #2, same as above

COP of Push-o-Rama
15x Merkins, hold for
10x Mountain Climbers, hold for
10x Merkins, hold for
10x Peter Parkers, hold for
5x Merkins

Sprint Intervals #3, same as above

COP of Mary, same as above

Sprint Intervals #4, sames as above

COP of Push-o-Rama, sames as above

Cool down run around parking lot



Great effort by the PAX. We didn’t have to venture far, but we covered some good ground via the sprint intervals. This was my version of a combined Sprint-Tabata workout. I hope you enjoyed it.

All Centurion PAX are invited to The Stand, a 3rdF workout at 6:30 every Friday at Panera– per Hops.

Set your DVRs for Tuesday night. F3’s very own Ribeye, a Centurion regular, recently appeared on the game show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”. No joke. I don’t know the time of the local showing, but it is this Tuesday, Oct 1. Look for it. He cannot share his results before the show (a non-disclosure deal), but he likely gave F3 a shoutout on national TV.

Be well, brothers. See you in the gloom.

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10 years ago

Strong Q Boomer. Pushorama, always my kryptonite, was especially painful. Knew Wingman was holding out on the sprints…didn’t use all the gas in his tank!

Senator Tressel
Senator Tressel
10 years ago

Agree with Hops on the Pushorama- I had to drop a knee a couple times today. Harder than I thought it would be. Really liked the sprint intervals- already sore in leg muscles that don’t normally get stressed like that. Good to be back at Centurion

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