F3/Nomad – Rum Runner Preblast

F3/Nomad – Rum Runner Preblast

We have an 8-mile route set for this Sunday at 0615 sharp from Arboretum ABC with options for 6 or 7 miles for those that need to ditch earlier.  Aiming for slow-moderate fellowship pace  8:30-9:00 per mile.

Route very similar to prior weeks but just a bit longer.

  • Start at ABC west on 51
  • Down to Rea turn left
  • Left on Bevington at Piper Glen
  • Usual Devils Turn route up to South Charlotte Middle
  • Right on Woodfox, Left on Rounding Run continue to RainTree
  • For 8 mi: Right on RainTree all the way to Providence, Left on Providence back to 51, Left on 51 back to ABC
  • For ~7 mi option: Straight across RainTree to Windbluff to Providence; left on Providence back to 51
  • For ~6 mi option: Left on RainTree, Right on 51 back to ABC

If you’re looking for a longer run, leave a note in comments below and will add an extension.


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Slim Fast
10 years ago

Turkey Leg… I was wanting to do around 10.5. If I take Windbluff and figure 8 back to either Strawberry Ln or all the way back thru Carrington, that should do the trick. I’ll map it out tonight to see what the distance would be and bring it as an option on Sunday. See you there. SF

Strange Brew
10 years ago

Great route today TL, what a great time of year for a few miles.

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