Preferred Parking

Preferred Parking

27 men started the week the right way. 

The Thang

Squat X 30

IW X 30

SSH X 40

Merkins X 30

Partner Up: Partner A = parking lot sprint [route in the shape of a P, moving counter clockwise around the parking lots by the soccer fields]; Parter B = squats.  Rinse and Repeat.

Three stations at playground: 10 pull ups; 20 dips, 30 squats.  Rinse and repeat. 

People’s Chair followed by 10 decline merkins; People’s Chair followed by 20 decline merkins; People’s Chair followed by 30 decline merkins.

20 yard lunge walk; 10 Carolina Dry Docks.  20 yard lunge walk; 15 Carolina Dry Docks.

Parking lot relay race with 7 man teams.  Heat 1 = Team A vs. Team B and Team C vs. Team D.  Winning teams advanced to finals.

Close with various core exercises.


-So, Floor Slapper rolled in a few minutes late today.  Instead of parking in our normal lot and walking/running 100 yards to join the group [workout already in progress], Floor Slapper enacted his Duke University preferred parking status and brought his car to a halt right next the the PAX.  We considered incoporating “car lifting” into the workout but decided against it. 

-Good to see Lex Luthor this morning and some other faces I hadn’t seen in a while.   

-I know Dora is tired of references to his beard in the backblasts, but as long as he keeps the beard I’ve decided I have to mention it.  Today I chose to compliment Dora by telling him that his beard is much more symmetrical than the gnarly beard that Zip-A-Dee was sporting last year. 

-Great relay race this morning, though Lobster Roll had to dodge a moving vehicle during his run.

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10 years ago

It felt great getting back to it! Nice times

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