Jericho Run

Jericho Run

30 PAX stormed the CAC campus to do a Jericho run around the campus storming the center courtyard.



    • SSHx25
    • Emperial Walkersx20
    • Merkinsx20
    • Squats

Mosey across the fields, hop the fence and charge the ChurchAtCharlotte Campus

CAC Lap of Four Corners (.25mi)

  • 10xJumpLunges
  • 10xStepUps
  • 10xBroadJumps
  • 10xBoxJumps


Warmup Over

BurpeeBuildUp Lap

  • 10xMerkins
  • 10xRockHoppers
  • 10xSquatJumps
  • 10xBurpees

People’s Chair

Mosey to CAC Courtyard

  • 20xDips
  • 15xCarolina Dry Docks
  • 10xPartner Resistence Lat/Frontal Raises
  • 15xDips
  • 8xCarolina Dry Docks
  • 10xPartner Resistence Lat/Frontal Raises

BurpeeBuildUp Lap


  • 35xRussian Twist
  • 20xLBCs
  • 15xDolly
  • Diez y Seite x Roselitta
  • 10xKneeUps


  • Being only my 4th DMZ workout, I am starting to find a new brotherhood of PAX closer to my home (yes, I techinically am South of the Border). Wondered as  the PAX were counting strong if there was a silence ordinance on the Carmel Fields.
  • Headlamps advised for future DMZ workouts on the fields…had tried to sneak attack the CAC campus but missed the trail so we improvised a gate hop out to the paved pathway.
  • Partner resistance got a some mumble chatter as 30 sweaty men lockedshields a little closer than comfortable. Thankfully, pulled the plug on the bent-over-rows.
  • Seis anos de Espanol en la escuela, yo uso para “counting” los Roselittas. Mucha gracias para la idea de Swiper.
  • Having suffeciently smoked myself doing a practice run on Saturday, this was a strong posting by all.
  • I can barely keep up with my own kids names so I gotta pass the Book to get all yall’s PAX name…seriously though some of yall’s chickenscratch is tough to read, so fix the spelling guesses in the comments.

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10 years ago

Agony, Great lead this morning. On the last circuit some of the PAX were busy dodging My Shirona’s (#RespectRespect) ear shattering, nosebleed inducing Gas Bombs

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