Runaway tires

Runaway tires

22 loyal Kevlar pax showed backup despite the Deadwood debacle of last Friday for a Bulldog beatdown.


Jog to from lot back around fire lane enabling Tarzan to help join the group and even out numbers.

To soccer field:

SSH x 25
IW x 20
Merkins x 20
MCs x 25
Squats x 20
Eight count burpees (thanks Young Love)

Partner up and grab a large tire.
With partner roll tire around church.
One whistle blast: tire dips
Two whistle blasts: decline tire Merkins
Three whistle blasts: squat jumps

Take tire to bottom of hill.

Partner 1: spartan burpees at top
Partner 2: 10 Merkins and push tag partner

Repeat with dry docks

Push tire back to soccer fields

Jack Webbs with decline tire Merkins and LBCs



Despite the lure of greener grass at Joust there was a solid group at Kevlar ready for a workout and a half.

The tires took a trip with the pax for the first time and it could have spelled disaster. No one went for the monster tires but the medium tires still left their marks on some Achilles as they ran away out of control. Hee Haw and his partner picked a tire that must have come from Liquorcicles Mini Cooper as miniature as it was.
Thanks to Young Love for bailing me out on the 8 count burpees as I kept losing two numbers on my count!
Solid work by all.


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