More Injuries than the Panthers secondary

More Injuries than the Panthers secondary

21 Men will sleep well tonight.

The Thang

Radar Q

  • Quick Mosey to adjacent shopping center (Sand bags waiting)

Circle Up

  • One pax runs around the circle with a sandbag while the rest warm up. Everyone goes around once
  • SSH
  • Butt Kicks
  • High Knees
  • Ski Abs

Warm Up Done everyone grabs a bag and we run up the stairs to the road.

  • Two columns for Indian Runs with the bags at fast pace around the block and over the hill
  • Back to the fields and the two columns face each other

Mono e Mono sprints

  • Pax square off in the middle and lay on their sand bag. Whistle blows to start and the sand bag race begins
  • Losing side does twice the amount of exercises when the pax get back. We did a lot of burpees, squat jumps etc.
  • While the man on man race is going on the pax in the columns did various exercise until they got back.
  • Wide Merkins, Diamonds, Squats, Mountain Climbers. There were a lot.
  • Once all Pax raced we stayed in the same formation and did a relay. Same format 50 yards out and back. No sandbag this time. Slap hands with the next guy and off they go.

Runstopper Q

  • Tunnel  Of Love- 3 cycles

Partner  up

  • Patty Cake Merkins- 60 count
  • Partner Leg pushed- P1 Holds P2 ankles while P2 pushes  legs- 30 total- left, right, middle

Tabatas- 3 sets of each

  •                 Dive Bombers
  •                 Spartan Burpees
  •                 LBCs
  •                 Mountain Climbers


  • 50 Flutters in cadence
  • 20 Seated Knee Tucks or something like that
  • Lap Around the track to end it



We started out fast today and really never slowed down. 30 minutes of sprints with sandbags followed by muscle failure inducing exercises equals long nap today.

I don’t know what it was today but the pax were dropping like flies. Runstopper had to pull up in the first 5 minutes to be followed by Spackler, Long Weekend and Baracus. T Claps  to all of them for pulling through and getting back in the fight. Hope you all recover soon. Spackler sent a note saying ice and Vodka are helping him through the day

Props to the Ruckers Hoff and Liquor Cycle. Not an easy day for a pack.

Props to the guys who ran in from the Rock

Good times out there today during the races. It was fun to watch everyone go so hard.  I usually have some funny stories for these back blasts but I got nothing. I am sure someone will comment on me helping Spackler stretch. Getting close at Day Zero has become a custom. Stop fighting it and just hold someone.


Day Zero Challenge next week. PreBlast to follow

Spearhead- Long Ruck Walk after the Day Zero Challenge


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10 years ago

Hilarious. “I’ve been waiting so long to stretch you like this” – Radar

This electric shock therapy is adding a new element to this buzz. Not for an amateur.

The Hoff
The Hoff
10 years ago

Great work Q’s! I don’t think there was a moment when I wasn’t gasping for air…smokefest.

Get well soon injured PAX.

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