Last Day of Summer at The Rock

Last Day of Summer at The Rock

MC planted the shovel flag after winning the battle with the fartsack, and 14 weekend warriors attacked The Rock on the last day of summer.


Jog to lot near baseball field for COP.

SSHs x 25

IWs x 25

Merkins x 15

Mtn Climbers x 25

Squats x 25

LBCs x 25

Widearm Merkins x 15

Mosey to left field for some Tennis Ball Lottery

Sickle with the assist on drawing out the #’d tennis balls

Not sure of the order or how many of each exercise we did but it was something akin to the following:

Burpees x 21 (DK with the call on this one)

Flutters x 29 (Stone Cold w/cadence)

CDDs x 27

Arm presses in squat position x 33 (Mall Cop w/cadence)

Freddie Mercury’s x 54

J Lo’s x 13

Plankorama for 2.5 minutes

Makthar Ndjiaye’s x 13 (Slimfast w/cadence)

Diamond Merkins x 25

Mosey to rocks, and grab one

Frankenstein run (w/rock held straight out in front) to hill at entrance 4

Down the hill with overhead press w/rock

Lunge walk up hill with overhead press

1/2 the pax squats w/rock while other 1/2 runs down hill & bear crawls up; Flapjack

Jog back to baseball field w/rock held overhead

Indian run for 5 minutes through the parking lots

20 Dips + 10 Decline Merkins at the picnic tables; Rinse & repeat

Mosey down to the sand volleyball courts for some beach time on the last day of summer:

High Knees down & back

Lunge walk

Gorilla walk

Backwards run down & back

Partner up – Wheelbarrow down and back; flapjack w/partner 1/2 way

CCVs x 13R/13L

Mosey to pavilion

People’s Chair w/arms at side, overhead and straight out

25 Donkey Kicks

Jog back to starting lot

13 Burpees



Strong work by the pax this morning.  Thanks for putting up with YHC with the audibled/ad lib workout; but it delivered a sufficient dosage of pain.  I think the rock work will lead to the requisite aches in the arms and shoulders later today and tomorrow.  YHC ignored the mumblechatter about getting in the sand, thus, leading to the CCVs, which are more painful in the sand than asphalt or grass #manyhappyreturns.

Great sendoff prayer by Ice Hole.  Good to have you back among the pax brother.


New Friday workout at 0530 at Charlotte Christian – “Joust” – bootcamp style

MallCop still has unclaimed Area51 t-shirts

Late March 2014 – Palmetto 200 – flat/downhill relay race (similar format to BRR) – more info to come from F3 Columbia – check website for details.

Susan G Komen race/walk – Saturday, Oct. 5th – connect with DK for more details

3rd F workouts – W, Th and F (2) in Area51




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