Animal House

Animal House

The animals were out in force for an old-fashioned animalistic experience at Centurian on Friday. Twenty faithful followed the WD layout a Core beatdown including every animal inspired exercise in the book.

The Thang:

Jog over to the Little Avenue parking lot.
25 Side Straddle Hops
20 Merkins
60 LBC’s
15 Diamond Merkins
25 Dollies with protractor
15 Wide arm Merkins
Jog to main entrance to school.
Peoples chair
10 Donkey kicks
Jog to picknick benches on Hwy 51.
20 step ups
10 dips
10 derkins
rinse and repeat
Jog to parking lot parallel to football field for some animal artistry.
Inch worm across parking lot
Crab walk across lot
Bear crawl across lot (I warned everyone to wear gloves)
Circle for more core work
35 Imperial walkers
10 straddle arm merkins (right)
25 Rosalitas followed by more protrator
10 straddle arm merkins (left)
25 Mountain Climbers
25 Peter Parkers
Missing a few, but that what you get when nothing is written down.

I had a blast with my first Q at a ‘Boot Camp’ type workout. Obviously, not much running but solid core work to max. I will be sorely disappointed if the PAX don’t feel the burn in those AB’s over the weekend. Great to have one of my Mud Run team, Eminem make his first post to Centurion. Also great to see Haggus again. Hadn’t seen him since we nearly drowned while freezing our butts off at Core-Meltdown last December. Lastly, thanks to Escargot for graciously handing over his scheduled Q for me on short notice.

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10 years ago

Great Q My Shirona! I have been feeling that workout all weekend. There were definitely some rumblings after the post regarding the CORE style workout and its solid legitimacy. We need to put that in to the rotation just to keep everyone on their toes. You are welcome to Q anytime. Aye

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