My Kingdom for a Sandbag!

My Kingdom for a Sandbag!

7 strong men and 5 logs (big one counts as two) this morning at Distance version of SPEARHEAD

The Thang:

Ruck up, grab logs, move out

STOP 1 (Mile 1): Carmel & Dovewood Dr –

-Overhead press x 15

-Squat x 30

-Overhead press x 15

(Mile 2): Hillingdon Rd & Lauren Glen Rd

STOP 3 (Mile 3.84): Carmel Middle School

-Overhead press x 15

-Squats x 30

-Overhead press x 15

Return logs to woods.



Great show of strength this morning men. We welcomed a new FNG to SPEARHEAD, Crab Cakes – welcome brother! Nice transitions on the big log all morning. We may start a fire wood delivery service come winter – Iron Horse has the details.


  • The SPEARHEAD Patch Challenge continues until 9/27.  Patch Challenge Standings
  • SPEARHEAD T-Shirts are available at the F3 Gear Site
  • PT Reflector belts for those that signed up should be available late next week (by 9/27/13). $11.50 to Culkin gets you a cool lime green elastic reflector belt!

Check out for more information and to join our Google Group mailing list


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Iron Horse
10 years ago

ok, i’m going to go ahead and say it…..Ouch! my shoulder hurt carrying my laptop this morning. i have a friend who has a saw-mill on a trailer…..we will make a little visit to the woods and turn Janice into about 6-8 nice sized boards. nice work from everyone this morning- sharing the pain – just moving. Culkin great Q. (BTB – thanks for your helpful workout suggestions from the fartsack…needless to say, they were mostly vetoed from the PAX).

BTB (Bob The Builder)
Reply to  Iron Horse
10 years ago

Hey, no problem! Anything I can do to help!

Sorry I missed it, guys. Looks like a ton of fun!

Everyone remember to check out the “Mini-Ruck” workout on 9/28 –

The Hoff
10 years ago

Great work Culkin! Stepping up for a Fart Sacking Q at the last minute..”.impressive, most impressive”-Yoda

I’ll make sure BTB makes up for it tomorrow..ha ha.

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