Strawberry Suicides

Strawberry Suicides

First time Maul Q Strawberry brought games and suicides to 24 boys from the South.


– Mosey to center lot.

  •  SSW x 25
  • Slow Merkins x 21
  •  Imperial Walkers x 20

–  Mosey to fountain. Grab a section of fountain.

  • 20 jump squats; 20 dips; 20 decline Carolina Dry Docks; (Repeato) – after 2nd plank up and arm/leg raises until all done.

–  Break up onto 3 man teams

  • 1st man – flutter kicks (300 team total)/ 2nd man – merkins (300 team total)/ 3rd – run around Qdoba/Jo Jo bldg. When runner returns; move down the line (2nd man run; 1st man – merkins; 3rd man flutter)

– Mosey to back of Theater

  • Top teams (equal # of teams top to bottom) choose punishment for bottom teams – 30 burpees or 4 hill grass climbs at theater. Winners = wall sit (after 15 burpees or 2nd hill climb – winners = balls to wall until last man done)

–  Two lines single file

  • Each man in line does SSH in cadence/rhythm while the leader does suicides (cones = 10, 20, 30 yards), next man up; last man fall in line and SSH in cadence.
  •  Losing team choose winners poison – 20 merkins or 2 hill climbs. Winning team does other
  • Repeato – LBC’s while you wait

– Turn over to Mic Check for final pain and/or Mary

  • 10 star jacks
  • Sprint up the hill
  • repeato


What a great cool morning for my 2nd time as Q – perfect weather for team races and suicides. Nice turnout with 24 men crawling out of a warm bed for punishment. Nice short warm up before the real fun began. Nice friendly racing among friends – little did they know that the winning teams will chose the losing teams punishment – otherwise, some of the teams would have kept a better count and not done over 300 merkins and flutter kicks (#counting is imperative). Also should have confirmed that we all should run counterclockwise around the building (head on collision this early not cool). Funny that no one chose burpees as punishment (thanks guys; you’re the best). Most ran up the hill anyway because no one remembered if they were on the winning team (sort of like our Carolina Panthers). Not sure that the SSH in cadence while waiting in line for suicides was well received. One Pax counting and over half stopped a little over half way through – had to audible that one. Because I’m a nice guy I took Chipotle’s advice for LBC’s for the 2nd round instead of more SSH. Then turned over to Mic Check for some Mary although I would have reconsidered if I knew he was going to have us run back up that hill in between star jacks.

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Mighty Mite
10 years ago

I was disappointed that we didn’t do a 3rd round of suicides. I edged out Mic Check on the first one. He got me on the second. We need to have a rubber match to settle this.

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