Silent Bob – Not So Silent After All……

Silent Bob – Not So Silent After All……

32 Pax kicked the FS in the teeth and started the week the only way they know how: with a solid downpainment in front of the shovel flag at DMZ.

The Thang:

Mosey to the Church parking lot, down the hill, backwards run up the hill to COP

SSH x20
IW x20

Mosey to the breezeway for the modified Murph (kudos to Gangsta Mouse for the workout idea – it was a crowd-pleaser at Governator in June)

Partner up
Partner 1 runs a lap down the hill, around the church, and back up to the breezeway, while Partner 2 does dips x 10, merkins x20 and squats x30.
Flapjack and repeat 10x for a total of 100 dips, 200 merkins and 300 squats and ~2 miles of running

Mosey back to the parking lot for plank-o-rama (regular, right arm & leg high, regular, left arm & leg high, regular, six inches)

4 MoM:
Dolly x20
LBCs x20
Rosalita x20
10 burpees oyo (crowd-pleaser)

Mosey back to the parking lot at the park for COT.

Close with Ball of Man and a strong closing prayer from Cuda.


I appreciate the opportunity to lead such a fine group of men with a blend of Area 51 and Metro Pax. My original plan for this morning involved using the football field at Carmel Road Park. Once I realized how dark it was out there, I quickly called the audible to a variation of my favorite workout, the Murph. Credit goes to Gangsta Mouse for introducing this variation to the G spot pax in June. Hopefully you were all as smoked by the end as YHC was.


3rd F workout on Wednesdays at the Starbucks located in the Trader Joe’s parking lot; 06:30-07:30. Busch & Skywalker on Q.
3rd F workout on Fridays at Panera Bread on Hwy 51/Carmel. Going through the book, Fresh Wind Fresh Fire. Purple Haze & Champagne on Q

New 1st F bootcamp workout, the Joust, has a hard launch of this Friday 9/20 at Charlotte Christian on Sardis Road

Mud run payments for transportation and refreshments were due at the end of August. Time to pay the piper if you haven’t already. It’s a long walk to Columbia

Mud run training options include Gauntlet on Fridays at 5:30 and Junction on Sundays at 6:15. Both are at Freedom Park

Lots of November CSAUP options, including Tough Mudder (11/2), Spartan Beast (11/9 – see the post on the site for F3 discounts and heat info) and Thunder Road ½ and full marathon (11/16)

F3 Wagon Wheel is your solution for long, slow distance runs to train for Thunder Road. Full training launches from the Captain Jack statue on Kings Dr and 4th at 6:00 on Sundays with half training launching 30 minutes later from the same spot. Don’t make Silent Bob run the half marathon training alone again #2ndFwaslackingyesterday

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