Clydesdales Run The Rock

Clydesdales Run The Rock

A Mall Cop and Strange Brew led crew of 20 pitched up for the Rock, the PAX there for the first and subsequent second F, YHC was there with fond memories of a year ago posting for the first time.  The following is an approximation of what transpired:

Jog from shovel flag to our launch pad for COP:

SSH x 30

10 Burpees OYO

Imperial Walkers x 20

Squats x 20

Merkins x 15

CDD x 20

Run out to far soccer pitch for exercise called, then various runs down soccer pitch to other goal:

10 Burpees / Sprint across

20 Merkins / Back Peddle

20 Squats / Lunge Walk

30 LBCs / Sprint

20 CDD / Bear Crawl

30 Merkins / Burpee Broad Jump

Turn it over early to Strange Brew to inflict much pain since this is his 1 year anniversary with F3!

Low Crawl Indian Run to other side of soccer fields (pax low crawl while rear man sprints to front to then assume low crawl)

Partner up, line up in two ranks, then move one over (2nd F mixed in)

Wheelbarrow half way, flapjack for other half Sled halfway back then flapjack (Q failure, more in moleskin)

Mosey to pavilion

Partner 1 – 20 dips, partner 2 – 15 merkins, plank when finished

Repeato x 3

Run to rock pile by the baseball diamond grab biggest rock you can (latent calls for size requirements directed to Mall Cop for some reason)

1 per team Mosey to outfield, get a little space

Partner squats x 10 (partner 1 on back, partner 2 leans on feet) flapjack

Partner sit ups x 20 with rock exchange

Partner merkins x 10 paddy cake style

Plank it up, repeat x 2

Put rock back nicely


Dolly x 20 – hold ‘em

Flutter x 20

CCV x 10 flapjack

Mason twist x 10

Elbow plank x 30 sec

Heels to heaven x 15

Prairie Fire Mary (with original partner)

(to 10) x 2

1 burpee for every lb YHC has lost in the last year thanks to F3, so 35 burpees on your own (lucky for YHC and the PAX, I haven’t weighed myself so recently, might be higher)

Sprint to flag for COT


An absolute honour to lead the pax today, started at the Rock 1 year ago with Mall Cop on Q, had a great chance to co Q with him today, a meaningful representation of what F3 has meant to me.  I would like to personally thank all of the men that have inspired, pushed, held me accountable, etc. but I would run out of space in this write up as there are so many.  My words to each of you beyond saying thank you, is to also encourage you and the other pax, mumblechatter, encourage, push, get to know, grow your circle of influence, etc. to new folks as well, that is one facet of F3 that is so powerful, when the first time you come out, you feel part of the group, no matter where you are on the fitness scale.  There was a Q failure on the wheelbarrow where YHC failed the if you can’t do it don’t Q it rule and had to stop 10 yards short, just didn’t realize how far that field is all the way across.  Great to have Corona (FNG D Martinez) out today, also a great mentor for me in the office, thanks for the support!  Also great to have our other 2 FNG’s out,


Thunder Road: 49’er is region Q for the Thunder Road 1/2 and full marathon, there are instructions on the main F3 page on how to sign up and specifically get tagged for our region team (it also includes a discount in case that helps you do it properly).  YHC has committed to doing a half, if I can do it, so can you, but you probably won’t.



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