Work the Twerk

Work the Twerk

Friday the 13th brought a nightmare pain installment from the one and only Deadwoooood!

Warm up – Indian Run Weave ( Form 2 lines, Regular IR but weave through Pax) around Church back to COP
• Spider Man Merkins X 15
• Squat Kicks x 15
• CDD x 15
• Slow Squat & hold last one for approx. 20-30sec (A.K.A The Kevlar Twerk)
• Hand Slap Merkins
• Six Kicks (Butt Kicks) 1min
• Repeat
Bear Crawl Weave
Form 2 lines – Plank up, bear crawl through Pax weaving in/out. Mack tar Jai while waiting to crawl
Touch and Go
​Same lines- Plank up, sprint through Pax weaving in/out. Merkins while waiting to run.
Over and Under
Same lines- Plank up, hop over first Pax member and under next and so on. Repeat over and under.
Partner up
​Partner drag (50 yrds) switch and come back.
Grab some wall
o Peoples chair 1 min
o One leg up (30sec more)
o Switch legs (30sec more)
o 20 merkins
o People’s chair
o One leg up & arms up (30sec more)
o Switch legs / arms still up (30sec more)
Circle up
o Flutter X 20
o Hold 6in, 45, 90,6,90,45 and so on for a while
o Dolly X 20
o Russian Twist X 15 or 20… this time I was gased.

I will have to say less is more, the Weave is back and the Pax at Kevlar can now Twerk! Indian Weave went ok, seemed a little harder than a regular Indian run. Lots of mumble chatter “slow down the pace”. Somehow I ended up demonstrating all the common exercises, special thanks to TigerRag and Zip-A-Dee for the extra enthusiasm.
The Bear Crawl was pretty much a complete disaster! The Pax were patient with my long winded thesis explaining the upcoming wreck but let’s be honest a Bear Crawl is work regardless of how you do it.
After the first line plank w/Bear Crawl, the Pax had it under control and the Touch & Go/Merkin went a little smoother.
Over & Under, Huh? I think by this time the Pax were tired of planking, I know I was! By far the O&U went the smoothest of all the other planking pain! ​
Pain, ha-ha! The partner drag definitely killed the chatter and smoked some legs in the process, it for me anyway!
All and all, I had a great time with my first Q and appreciated the opportunity. Thanks for all the support and I can’t wait until next time. It will not require cliff notes to understand the moves! Ha
See you in the Gloom!!
Dead Wood

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