Always good to have a back-up plan

Always good to have a back-up plan

The virtual shovel flag was planted and 25 men, all accounted for, gathered in the gloom for a downpainment on the weekend.  Each man grabbed two bricks from the Q truck and we headed out

The Thang:

COP – SSH X50, Mtn Climbers X30, Man makers (without merkin) X20, Push Presses X25, Squats X25, John Travolta with brick X20 both L and R arms.

Run to small parking lot for plank led by Runstopper while the Q retrieves more bricks for PAX

Mosey up to Little Ave and partner up – Partner 1 runs up Little Ave while Partner 2 does AMRAP of called exercise – flapjack

  • Circuit 1 – Man maker merkins
  • Circuit 2 – Curls and push presses
  • Circuit 3 – Mary

Job to parking lot for lunges and sprints with excercises in between (man maker merkins, push presses and curls, peter parkers, and others I can’t remember)

COP – Protractor at various angles

Jog around football field and back to the house

Naked Moleskin

Given combination of a nagging injury and poker night on Thursday night, I developed a backup plan in case I had trouble getting out of the farsack.   Farside was ready to go and the PAX is surely better off that I showed up.  He was itching to go and I could see the disappointment on his face when he saw me in the PAX.  Luckily I walked away from the poker game without having to mortage the house.  Otherwise I might have been a little ornery in the gloom.

Bricks always deliver as it’s harder than you think to carry them around for 45 minutes.  My shoulders are reminding me as I type this backblast.

As always, it was a blessing to lead the PAX in the gloom.  Let me or Escargot know if you want to take the helm.   I’ll even bring the bricks if you want to use them.


Purple Haze and Champagne (the man and not the drink) are leading The Stand right after Centurion every Friday at Panera Bread right up the street.

Tutoring at Billingsville and AG Middle School has kicked off.  Anyone interested in exploring tutoring options in South Charlotte can contact me for information on what we are doing.   It’s really important to help our kids as they are the future( and will be payig social security when we are hopefully starting to collect).


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Mighty Mite
Mighty Mite
10 years ago

Every time Chelms aka Tater Tot brings his bricks, it’s always going to be a smoker.

It was a little awkward when the Driver’s Ed car was shining it’s headlight into areas that don’t typically see a lot of light during the Rosalita on the road. #runonsentence

10 years ago

Far Side was close to getting run over on Little Avenue…would have put a damper on this backblast.
Painful stuff Chelms. No time to re-gather the O2 with Chelms at the helm.
With Gutterball being LIFO – nice of Q to give him grace and run back to the truck for bricks after COP. Wait a minute – that’s not grace – that’s punishment…now handing him 2 cinder blocks – that would have been appropriate for his tardiness.

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