Back to the grind after BRR

Back to the grind after BRR

5 of South Charlotte’s brave stepped out into the gloom in this week following the BRR to get in some miles and dabble with some speed work on the track.  It was good for 2nd F and good for building on some speed looking forward to Thunder Road.

The Thang:

– Start at 5:15 am from the normal parking area at the Four Mile Creek Greenway (across the street from Starbucks and Trader Joe’s at Bevington Place and Rea Rd.).

– Run 2 miles to South Charlotte Middle School (site of Death Valley).

– Utilize the running track for the following optional Farlek workout

– 0.5 mi (2 laps) at “hard” pace (individual PAX choose their own pace)

– 0.5 mi (2 laps) at fellowship pace together – catch breath

– 0.5 mi (2 laps) at “hard” pace

– 0.5 mi (2 laps) at fellowship pace together – catch breath

– Run up to parking lot

– 0.5 mi at hard pace until turning onto Rosecliff

– Run the 1.5 miles back to COT


– After Tiger Rag introduced us to lands unseen to the east, YHC thought it would be good to build on this and throw in some track work at S. Charlotte Middle School.  The PAX enjoyed stretching their legs on the track.  Perhaps this type of speed work can be worked into the Devil’s Turn rotation from time to time.

– Speaking of Tiger Rag, he and Dolphin were conspicuously missing from the PAX this morning after hinting they would join us.  Perhaps it was a relapse of BRR trauma, maybe it was just blatant fartsacking, but we did take notice of the absence.

– At COT, my watch said we covered a total of 6.35 mi today.  The 2 mile warmup and cool down were nice bookends to the speed work.

– Welcome Zip-a-Dee to Devil’s Turn.  Great work and I hope we see you out regularly.  I bet it was refreshing for you to be able to talk again after the silence of yesterday’s workout.  Also, welcome to Out Cold (YHC’s father-in-law) visiting from out of town.  He was war daddy today and he and Bratwurst left the PAX in the dust on the run back to COT.  The man’s a beast.

– Thanks to Bratwurst for the tips (and website) for the pace to run the intervals.  The expertise is much appreciated and it is inspiring to have some smoke boots in our midst.


– F3 golf tomorrow at Emerald Lake Golf Club in Matthews

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10 years ago

Great run. Loved it. Don’t worry about TR – he wouldn’t have kept up anyway.

Reply to  Haggis
10 years ago

The #cryingscotsman speaks truth.

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