Flat can be hard too (except for Slim Fast)

Flat can be hard too (except for Slim Fast)

The virtual shovel flag was posted and 13 men, including several who didn’t use the BRR as an excuse to Fartsack, showed up for first time that Chelms took the Q at Fast Twitch

The Thang:

1 mile warm up jog

Three 800 meter runs at 80% of full speed (constant pace) with 1 minute break in between each

800 meter cool down jog and plank

Line up on goal line for the dessert – Burbee/merkin suicide ladder on the football field

  • Run to 10 yard line, 1 burpee, back to goal line for 10 merkins
  • Run to 20 yard line, 2 burpees, back to goal line for 9 merkins
  • Ladder to 100 yards for finish with 10 burpees and 1 squat (changed to squats half way down the ladder)

One lap cool down and back to parking lot for a few minutes of Mary while some of the PAX got in some extra work on the track (too dark – #Qfail)

Naked Moleskin

Strong effort by the entire group, especially the 3-4 who completed the BRR (Turkey Leg, Purple Haze, Strange Brew, anyone else?).  We covered 4 miles by my watch.  That is pretty good considering we threw in the suicide ladder (55 burpees, 40 merkins, and 15 squats) and some Mary.Twitter chatter Monday night was that it would be easy since there were no Mountains around Fast Twitch but that myth may have been dispelled.

YHC failed to keep the PAX together but I couldn’t keep Slim Fast down – He just kept running like Forrest Gump and didn’t finish until we were half way thru COT.   I think all the tomatos distracted him and he missed the turn off when we headed home.  It is so dark on that track that I can barely see my hand in front of my face.  Will have to implement a buddy system next time – I’m partnering with Slim Fast for some tomato watching.

The BRR guys might have thought Fast Twitch would be good transition back into regular schedule since an old man was leading.  Unfortunately for them I have not figured out how to do a recovery work-out (especially since I didn’t have to recover – next year).


Convergence tomorrow at The Rock for 9-11.  All other South workouts are cancelled for tomorrow.

Purple Haze and Champagne leading F2 (faith) group at Panera at Corner of Carmel and 51 right after Centurion on Friday.

Tutoring season kicking off in a few weeks.   Let me know if you have interest in exploring options in South Charlotte to start a program closer to home.  We can figure something out.


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Slim Fast
10 years ago

Chelms… no worries at all! I was able to catch up with Mrs. Havercamp on her golf game, and Gladys filled me in on her book club and what her nieces and nephews are up to… so definitely not time wasted! 🙂

Good Q… looking forward to next time!

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