Rock and metro

Rock and metro

8 Faithful showed up to A51 for some rock fun and good living.

Warm up:

SSH x 20

10 berpies

IW x 20

10 Berpies

Rock Pile

Partner up for catch me is you can with rocks.  Partner 1 runs around the perimeter of the field while holding rock  partner 2 does 5 berpies then sprints to catch partner 1, takes rock from them and continues running while partner 1 now does 5 berpies and so on and so forth….

100 yd rock sprints:

run to 50 w/ rock, drop it, run to the end zoone and do 10 berpies, run back, grab rock and return to your end zone

repeat except this time do 5 berpies at the 50 on your way there and 5 berpies on the way back


off set merkins w rock x 8

flapjack x 8

diamond x 8

wide arm off set x 5

flapjack x 5

indian run around campus
2nd Half:

Hit the playground for Pain Stations:

Pull-ups x 10
Dips x 20
Incline Merkins x 20
Rinse & repeat x 2 (w/ decline Merkins rd 2, wide-arm Merkins rd 3)

Mosey to front of school & find spot on wall
  People’s Chair x 90 sec (w/ air presses x 10 IC)
  Lunge walk across parking lot
  People’s Chair x 60 sec

Mosey over to track for 11’s w/ LBCs & Squats

Back to front of school for BTW wall walk x 2

Head over to parking lot for Suicides
  Run 1/2 way across lot & return, run length of lot & return, run to launch point

  Dolly x 15 IC, Hold’em
  Flutter x 15 IC, Hold’em
  Back Scratchers x 20 IC
  CCV x 10 each side


Naked Moleskin:

Many thanks to Kermit for making the trek down from Metro Country.  Evidently, he brought his speed with him.  Keep an eye out for him at the Panthers game today #Pantherpride.  Team Chepu took both war daddy and war babby, Abacus and dennis the menace always bring it – nice.  Did I see Floor Slapper throwing up in the woods during the sprints???  Maybe he was just trying to cut weight to be faster.  Maybe he was nervous about the 2.0’s first soccer game.  regardless the dude was running fast and didnt quit.  Good to see Slicker out for his 2nd workout.  An Outland local, he made the trek to see what A51 hadin store.  Countertp and Zippadee:  you’ve got a strong local coming your way.

keep an eye out for news re: a 9/11 convergence on Wednesday monrning.


peace out.

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10 years ago

Far Side,
Can always count on a good beat-down when you’re at the helm and you delivered again. Fall is just around the corner which means cooler weather we can all look forward to.

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