The Rock Turns 1 — Pain-filled Cupcakes for all the Pax at the Party

The Rock Turns 1 — Pain-filled Cupcakes for all the Pax at the Party

The shovel flag was planted, and 40 pax including 1 FNG congregated for a birthday celebration at The Rock.  The men of DayZero were welcomed guests as well – Aye!


Runstopper hosted the COParty and it was brutal.

SSH x 25
Burpees x 5
Wide arm Merkins x 25
Burpees  x 10
LBC x 25
Burpees x 15
Reg Merkins x 25
Burpees x 20
LBC x 25
Mountain Climbers x 25
Diamond Merkins 1st set x 10, 2nd set  x 10

Hops’ Q:

Partner up

Jog to bottom of North Face (NF)


Partner 1 does Wide Arm Merkins while Partner 2 runs about a 1/3 mile loop that includes scaling NF


Partner 1 does Reg. Merkins while partner 2 does loop, Flapjack

Partner 1 does Narrow Merkins while partner 2 does loop, Flapjack

Partner 1 does CDDs while partner 2 does loop, Flapjack

3 Indian Run lines to the baseball field

4 or 5 pax start at each of the 9 positions on the baseball field.

Do # of merkins at each position that correspond to that position (i.e. Catcher=#2 position, CF=#8 position)

Bearcrawl in between each position/merkin set

Mosey to left field for Mary Session

Dolly x 13 – hold ’em at end while pax sings “Happy Birthday” to The Rock

Makthar Ndjiaye’s x 13

Slow Flutter x 13 – hold ’em while pax sings “Happy Birthday” again to The Rock.  First effort was weak…incidentally, so was the 2nd.

Cumberland County Viaducts x 13 R; flapjack; CCVs x 13 L

Protractor – various degrees – State, Duke, UNC, South Carolina and Clemson folks all struggled with their angles

Re-enter Runstopper accompanied by Jack Webb

Jack Webb 1 Merkin + 4 Arm raises; continue to 10 Merkins + 40 arm raises.


T-claps to all 40 men who posted for the birthday party at The Rock.  We certainly did more than 365 Merkins – which was the goal for the celebratory painfest.

Thanks to the men of DayZero and several from Area51 who came to celebrate with us.

Must point out that Ninja Turtle, Ocho Cinco, Joker, Pretty Boy QB…among others were flying on the loop runs that included NorthFace – nice work gents.

Strong work from Dora, Culkin and The Hoff who were sporting the rucks.  45 lbs. in The Hoff’s ruck = unsavory, inhuman and impressive!

Radar also is a bear-crawlin’ fool.

YHC for the 3rd workout in a row (Anvil & Centurion earlier in the week) said his age as 40 yet turned 41 two weeks ago.  #memoryfailing? #denyingreality

Great send off from Champagne to wrap up the festivities.

Thankful for F3 and how it’s impacted my life, and my family’s for that matter.  The Rock and all the other workouts are daily/weekly reminders that we need to take care of the bodies the Lord gave us, sharpen one another with encouragement and accountability, and serve our families, workplaces & communities.

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”  John 15:13

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The Hoff
The Hoff
10 years ago

This was my first post at The Rock, even thought I’ve been coming to F3 for what is now 7 months. Killer routine today Q’s and well thought out. Hops + Run Stopper = complete annihilation!

Iron Horse
Iron Horse
10 years ago

Great workout from the Rock site Q’s – as always.
Slow, thunderous T-claps to Dora, Culkin and the Hoff – continuing the gratuitous promotion of Spearhead by pounding through the workout with very little, if any, scaling #beasts.
Hops – the baseball bear crawl should definitely be reserved for anniversaries only.

Reply to  Iron Horse
10 years ago

Aye Iron Horse. I second that on the baseball bear crawl.

Mall Cop
Mall Cop
10 years ago

Great job guys, sounds like a smoker for our 1 The Rock Year Anniversary! I hate that I missed it, but had a blast running the BRR! Though 2 days later my quads, hammies, and calves are still smoked!

We have another anniversary at The Rock this coming Sat. 9/14/13 as it is Strange Brew’s 1 year with F3. Join Strange Brew and I as we co-Q to celebrate his accomplishments over the last year! Aye!

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