Proper push ups you cheatin git!

Proper push ups you cheatin git!

27 non BRR runners dug deep for a tire/hill combo beat down at Kevlar that topped anything the mountains could bring.


Mosey to lot for:

SSH x 25
IW x 20
Perfect form slow merkin x 20
Squat x 20
Perfect form slow wide arm merkin x 15
Lunges x 20
Perfect form slow diamond merkin x 15

To hills and partner with some one unfamiliar:

Partner 1 sprint hills
Partner 2 burpees (combine for 50)

Partner 1 sprint hills
Partner 2 manmakers (combine for 50)

Partner 1 sprint hills
Partner 2 dry docks (combine for 50)

Partner 1 sprint hills
Partner 2 diamonds (combine for 50)

Mosey to soccer field and five lads grabbed rocks.

Tire/rock ladder combo of sprints/exercises etc



Lots of chatter of late concerning the lack of form by some of the pax. Yours truly has been called out along with Far Side, Bananas, 49er, Joker, etc for a lack of proper technique on the push up aka merkin. Head bobbing, alligator arms, honeymooners, and just plain cheating (MallCop) has meant the integrity of F3 has been called into question. Today there was no excuse as we went slow mo with a focus on form, the chest hitting the deck, and full extension. The pax were feeling the pain early on.

The hills saw the lads working hard with their partner combining for the team totals. Then it was over to the tires which were unleashed after many months if being chained to the fence. There were a few complaints about the stench coming from the tires but they served their purpose. Radar was calling out everyone and their mother despite his lack of effort on the tire burpees where he couldn’t work out how to grip it…

A pleasure leading such a strong group. Have a great weekend and good luck to all of the F3llas doing the BRR this weekend.



1) Day Zero and the Rock combine at Calvary tomorrow at 7am. All else as scheduled.

2) F3 golf day next Friday at Emerald Lakes Golf Club – jump in quickly as spaces are nearly full. Give Bananas or Snakebite a shout

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