Bait and Switch at Fast Twitch

Bait and Switch at Fast Twitch

YHC pulled into the lot at 5:05 to see a bunch of cars awaiting this morning’s Fast Twitch beatdown.  Looked to be a big turnout until a closer look revealed that the local running group had commandeered the track.  Turns out the majority of the regulars started their taper for the BRR next weekend – probably a good call.  Alas, 5 Very Strong Fast Twitch Pax got after it for a 45 minute beatdown that left no time for a 10 count.

The Thang:

1 Mile Indian Run (proved much more difficult w/only 5 pax) – Many Sprints to the Front w/very little recovery jogs between them = Early O2 deprivation

Circle it up for COP: All exercises in Cadence

  • Side Straddle Hop x20
  • Merkin x20
  • The Squat x20
  • Carolina Dry Dock x20
  • Imperial Walker x20

Line it up along the Sidelines for sprints and things

  • From the Plank Position – Sprint to other Sideline – 10 burpees – Backwards Sprint Back
  • Starting from Plank – Sprint to other Sideline – 20 Diamond Merkins – Shuffle Back (switch sides halfway)
  • Starting from Plank – sprint to other Sideline – 30 Squats – Karaoke Back (switch sides halfway)
  • Starting from Plank – sprint to sideline – 40 Dolly – Bearcrawl Back
  • Starting from Plank – sprint to sideline – 50 LBC – Crabwalk Back (a few BS calls were given but we continued on)

Mosey to Ramp – Lunge walk it up toward the pavilion – Right turn towards Bleachers for Circuit Training:  3 Rounds of Step Ups x20, Dips x20, Supine Pull ups x20

Head towards the stairs for some hops: Single Leg left hop up 1st set of stairs, Single Leg right up 2nd set of stairs, double leg hop up the raining two sets of Stairs

Grab some Wall – Get comfortable 90 degrees w/Arm Raises x25 ic

  • 5 minutes of Mary
  • Fast Flutter x20
  • Fast Bicycle x20
  • Rosalitas x20
  • Opposite Elbow to Opposite Knee Crunches x20 each side

COT – Namarama

Ball of Man and a great sendoff by Chelms


Great effort by each of the Pax today pushing and encouraging one another through a real sweat-fest this morning.  Zippity made sure all of the others on the track knew we were doing exercises in cadence #megaphone.  It was a pleasure to lead this morning and look forward to seeing you all in the gloom.  Best of Luck to the Area51 Blue Ridge Relay teams – may you all push through the physical and mental barriers and make it home healthy and safely.


Tutoring opportunity at AG Middle School – Thursdays at 4 pm (Chelms)

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Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

Thanks for the lead Fletch. That was the smallest F3 workout group in my 2+ years. Either the PAX was afraid of you or they are making BRR out to be something harder than it is (or both). Definitely need to audible next time before running an Indian Run with only 5 guys.

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