Friday Night Lights / Micro-Mini Obstacle Run

Friday Night Lights / Micro-Mini Obstacle Run

Great work by all at Outland this a.m.  between the hill work and obstacle run today’s beatdown was a real gasser.


Circle the school (1 full lap) and back to the VSF for some warm-up.

–                 SSH X20

–          (5 burpee penalty)

–          Merkin X15

–          (5 burpee penalty)

–          Maktar Jai (sp?) X15

–          (5 burpee penalty)

–          Peter Parker X20

–          (5 burpee penalty)

–          Parker Peter X20

–          (5 burpee penalty)

Mosey to the Hill

The Real THANG:

Partner up for some HILL WORK.  Partner 1 performs exercise while partner 2 sprints to the top of the hill and back to relieve partner 1.  Rinse and Repeat / Flapjack.

Hill Work

–          100 Merkins (combined)

–          100 Prison Squats (combined)

–          50 Diamond Merkins (combined) #weak

–          100 Wide Armed Merkins (combined)

–          100 LBCs (combined)

Mosey to the school and let’s grab some “WALL”

Wall Work:

–          Peoples Chair (1 minute)

–          Rinse & Repeat Peoples Chair (1 minute) + 30 air presses


BANG – and in comes Countertop batting clean-up for the 2nd half.

Wall Work Part 2:

–          Balls to the Wall 1 min (x10 hand stand merkins optional)

–          Balls to the Wall 1 min (x10 hand stand merkins optional)

–          Mosey over to Obstacle course for a 2 minute overview

2 Man Team Obstacle Course

–          Start from Obstacle Course pick a partner and begin…

–          Run to the High school stadium

–          1st obstacle over/under/through ~8’ fence into Track

–          2nd obstacle “tour de stad”

–          run track to Home Team bleachers and follow the leader up and down all stairs

–          run track to Visitor Side bleachers and follow the leader up and down all stairs

–          3rd obstacle over/under/through ~8’ fence out of Track

Run back to obstacle course

–          4th obstacle 10 pull-ups (combined)

–          5th obstacle over the 1st Wall

–          7th obstacle over and under the horizontal telephone poles

–          8th obstacle over the second wall

–          9th obstacle balance beams

–          10th obstacle tire run

–          11th obstacle decline sit-ups (each)

–          12th obstacle telephone pole steps

–          10 burpees (each)

–          Plank-o-rama and wait for all to finish

6 MoM

–          LBCs x20

–          Freddy Mercury x15

–          Back scratchers x15

–          Cumberland County viaduct right x14

–          Cumberland County viaduct left x14

–          Prairie Fire Mary x10

–          Mosey to the base of the disc course hill

–          Prison break to uphill to shovel flag

–          COT

Moleskin:  What started out as a friendly workout turned into a suitable #F3beatdown as Zip-A-Dee’s Hillwork smoked the PAX.  Call it instinct but I have a feeling Z’s 5 burpee penalty was planned from the “git-go”.

We covered A LOT of ground and more than usual; however, the PAX outperformed and responded in gladiator fashion.  Although we’ve only been active for a few weeks (month or so), the entire PAX has noticeably gotten stronger week in and week out.  Today was the most impressive performance by the beasts of Outland to date by far and by ALL!!!! 

Q-Z was littering the hill with yellow laundry as if donning a zebra shirt at Sun Valley’s Friday night lights football game the night before #nextweekzipwillhaveawhistle.  It all started with Chicken Dance giving the first 10 count of the day and starting at 1.  To quote Keyshawn Johnson on ESPN #comeonmayun!!!!  This isn’t your first rodeo.  And then it was all downhill from there, literally!!!

Oh that sneaky Q.  Once at the obstacle receive instruction, Q-CT slips in and oh yeah, see the stadium, yeah that’s part of the obstacle challenge as well.  To quote Spielberg, “pfft, way to casually slip in the stadium work a half mile a away.”

The high school provided an unexpected obstacle as the PAX found the gates locked.  Not the first time we’ve had to overcome this particular obstacle so we just added into the wienke and kept the pain train moving forward.  However, instead of scaling the fence, Swiss Miss and Zip-A-Dee decided this presented chance for all to check their waistline.  So the majority of PAX squeezed through, recovered their feet and ran for the bleachers.  Kudos for ingenuity.

Great to see Swiss Miss back out bring some speed to the PAX; however, nobody’s been able knock off Electric Slide during the traditional end of the workout jailbreak up the hill to the VSF.  #dudehassmokeboots!!!!!!!!

Q-Z caught CT and Chicken Dance taking in a little fartsacking during the combined 100 wide arm merkin hill work.  While the PAX was 02 deprived and just in the 40’s / 50’s, Team CT/CD were in plank position as if finished.  Corporate calls them out and CT says, ohhhhhhhhhhhh it’s not 50 and it’s 100.  Yeah man get to work.

Spielberg extra dose of pain this a.m..  He must have smelled sweet because one of the local bees mistook him for a flower and then decided to leave a stinger in him as a memento.

Outland PAX are keeping Electric Slide and his wife in prayers. ES’s wife is on the waiting list for a double transplant.  ES is going for a new job and prepping for upcoming bodybuilding competition.

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Big League Chew
Big League Chew
10 years ago

Geez, sounds like a real smokiest. Hate I missed it. I got some back issues from foxhole last week. So I might not be seen for awhile. Save that obstacle coarse I’d like to get some of that.

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