Ten Ten Ten

Ten Ten Ten

aye, 36 Brothers into the gloom fast and hard.


Maybe (First 15 Q)

Mosey to Mama Ricotta – Partner Up loops around back.

_Partner 1: LBC, Mountain Climbers, Merkins

_Partner 2: Run, up and over the SharkTooth WALL 20 merkins then over again.  #LifeTraining

Uncle (The 45)

_Hit a warm-warm up lap through the tank to COP in the belly – 50 SSH then 4 Rounds #10_10_10: 10 Burpees, 10 HandUp Merkins, 10 Deck Squats then 53 Flutter IC.

_Partner carries around the circle.  Lunge walk with rock while partner runs a chase lap x 2.

_Mosey to the Clocktower – cause that’s what we’re doing.

_The AMAZING RACE: Start at clocktower with 10 burpees, run to next POD on greenway 10 HandUp Merkins, run to next POD 10 Deck Squats, run to PAIN tank and bear crawl around it, AYG to #MHB.

_Dino leads Mary, then one more round of #10_10_10 bc we had a minute left and that’s what we do. @Hasselhoff prayer. aye.


A change of pace for YHC as I tend to hit a lot of different spots and keep it moving, but found a good niche with 10 10 10 so went with that.  Plus I had been brewing up the #AmazingRace for a while now, lot of places to take that.  Start at the clocktower, the first to touch the ball wins, get as creative as you want with everything that happens in between, next week Slaughter will likely take you through the fountain if you’re lucky.  I got 5 on a WV for WakeUpCall and Gandalf as they took first place in the inaugural running.

Form in F3 is rough, looking to introduce better ways to not let PAX get away with it as much, YHC included of course.  There is nowhere to hide on something like deck squats.  Yeah I stole them from BF, had forgot about them for a while, but Blue’s BB reminded me that they work.  Say what you will about the #AngryPuppet and his inherent bitterness about all things not KB or Beer –  the man has got some #1stF knowledge.  TGU’s way too awkward to pull out in a workout of 36 and rarely does a PAX actually perform a real squat when called.  There is a form problem in F3, be part of the solution.

I thought i scaled enough walls last weekend.  I didn’t, and @Maybe found a nice size brick wall for the PAX to scale.  Snoop bit off a little more than he could chew getting up and over it, see tweet pic.  Skid marks are good for you brother. L10 and Raider went all bear on everyone.

Welcome to the FNGs Chaos and Solo, here every Thursday. #WakeUpandGetBit

Lot better candidates out there at naming the various spots in the SharkTank then me, have at it. Fun morning in the gloom, so much to be thankful for and so much opportunity within the platform F3 provides. Proud of Ceaser for his work on #3rdF – TheNet, its a good one.  Getting deeper every week.  Overall, we are continuing to build a serious Ball of Man at SharkTank and in metro, it’s a great crew and it’s always great to lead.  We’ll continue to build up the slower guys over time while keeping the workout as mean as there is. #ScratchingTheSurface


_ThunderRoad – CSAUP convergence, don’t just hear about this one.

_F3F Mentoring Program – couple questions lately on this, more info to come. #GatheringSteam if you have interest just shoot me an email for now.

_SharkTank Q Next Three weeks – Slaughter, Ice9, Gandalf…..you want in, hit me up.

There is enough on the website, no need to list out.  It’s fun to be able to make things happen with all of you. uncle.





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10 years ago

Thanks for letting me have some fun with the early birds, Uncle. That random brick wall, now dubbed the “Shark’s Tooth,” ended up being a little taller than I thought when I spotted it while driving by the other day. All the better.

Everyone, if you’re signed up for the USMC Mud Run, tomorrow is the deadline to pay the bus fee with beverage tax. Do it. Here: http://t.co/GXEno7slZx

Boy Scout
Boy Scout
10 years ago

I was there – need credit for posting since these old bones may not have as many Sharktanks left in them as you Hates do. Nice lead.

Reply to  Boy Scout
10 years ago

Boy Scout, keep it coming. You blew by me on one lap after the stone lunges when I gave you a shout out. (although it gave me the motivation to catch you, so thanks for that).

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