Swiper……you stink!

Swiper……you stink!

18 PAX posted in the Smoky Mountain gloom. For 1 hour, the Blue Ridge Assembly (BRA) was re-branded Pain HQ. Several FNGs posted, in full form might I add.

The Thang:
Ball of Man – a group prayer primed the gears
Descent to Robert E Lee Hall for warm up; SSH X 15, Mountain Climber X 15, Merkin X 15, Peter Parker X 15 (these are all made up bc I can’t remember)
Descent to base camp for 6 Minutes of Mary, brought to you by Dredd
LBC X 20
Russian Twist X 15
Low Slow Flutter X 10
Dolly X 12
Freddy Mercury (isn’t that the name) X 20
Jacob’s Ladder: Ascent to BRA HQ – 1 burpee, descend to base camp, repeat to 7 burpees.
BRA HQ Parking Lot – partner exchanges
1 Squat, 10 Merkins – 2 Squats, 9 Merkins – you get the point
Wall of Glory; Dips X 20 – Derkins X 10, Wall Jumps X 15
COT. Aye.
Respect to all FNGs for an outstanding rookie post in the high altitude oxygen.
Written by: Swiper AKA “Your Local Gasman”

Skywalker’s Moleskin
So, something had clearly crawled up and died inside of Swiper or perhaps it was the change in altitude and air pressure that had his bowels working in overdrive. Too many times, YHC overheard “Swiper……not again” as Swiper would drop a grenade or crop dust the pax as he smoked by the rest of us.

As we are doing Namearama, one of our FNG’s, when asked to tell us about himself replies, “Well, I’m a White Male….” “Unabomber!!” screams either Dredd or Swiper. And Unabomber it is. We are hoping that he will start wearing hood sweatshirts when he posts this winter.

A special shout-out to The Lizard for a strong first post. Even more impressive was the fact that The Lizard led a hike, albeit a SLOW ONE, up to the top of the mountain later that day. He was so smoked that YHC thinks he hit the fartsack at 2000 hours.

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Regarding my innate skill set, I consider it a privilege to workout with other men and to let go of all inhibitions. Moreover, who doesn’t like their own brand?

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