Lobster on the Menu

  • When:8/26/13
  • QIC: Lobster Roll
  • The PAX: Zippity-Do-Da , Joker, Alf, Bubbles, O’Tannenbaum, Cottontail, Bulldog, Ocho Cinco, Slapshot, Salt Lick, Dirty Bird, Clown Car, Pharaoh [FNG], Floor Slapper, Young Love, Bubbles, Liquor-cicle... plus one more

Lobster on the Menu

18 men posted at The Matrix for a Monday morning beat down delivered New England style by our very own Lobster Roll. 

Jog to lower parking lot

 Squat x 19

SSH x 20

Imperial Walker x 25

 Hold plank for 2mins – 20sec each exercise

Mountain Climber

Peter Parker

Parker Peter

Regular Plank

6-inch Plank

Regular Plank

 Stations with partner:

 Partner 1 –

            10 pull ups

            20 dips

            15 merkins

Partner 2 –

            Peoples Chair until Partner 1 completes the above 3 stations

 Repeat 3x


Star Fish (part 1)

1-      20 Squats

2-      20 Jump Lunges (10 each leg)

3-      20 Squats

4-      20 Dead lift squats (10 each leg)

5-      20 Squats

10 burpees upon completion

 Star Fish (part 2)

1-      15 Merkins

2-      15 Carolina Dry Docks

3-      15 wide arm Merkins

4-      20 tricep extensions (10 each arm)

5-      15 Diamond Merkins

10 burpees upon completion

 Mary – All 25 reps unless noted

1-      In and Outs

2-      Bicycle

3-      Reverse Bicycle

4-      Crunchy Frog

5-      Slow Flutter

6-      Heels to Heaven

7-      Side oblique (25 each side)

8-      Mason Twist (50 count)


– So, Lobster Roll didn’t disappoint with his New England bag of tricks.  Good upper body work, good cardio… a bit of everything.

-When Lobster Roll initiated the Star Fish from a different launch point, it blew my mind.  Then when he announced a “round 2” for th Star Fish I was really confused. 

-Lot’s of chatter from Zippity this morning… as usual.  He is our resident smack talker for sure.  Good news is that he one of the leaders for the convergence workout on Labor Day… so we will all get our chance to haze him. 

-Lot’s of tough core work by Lobster Roll to finish off the workout.  His core is strong.  Would be good to see Lobster Roll and Countertop have a “battle of the core”.

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10 years ago

YHC made the trip down South to get Pharaoh to post. He lives around the corner from the school so make sure he knows there is no excuse for failing to post. Thanks for delivering a good one for my first trip into Area 51. Hope to be back soon.

10 years ago

Great lead Lobster Roll. Mary was taken to a whole new level today!

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