• When:8/26/13
  • QIC: Big League Chew
  • The PAX: Honey Bee, Soft Pretzel, Subway, Zoolander, Mic Check, The Worm, Mighty Mite, Abba, Chipotle, Wingman, Market Timer, Blue Steal, Launch Pad, BLC


14 Pax decided to enjoy the early gloom of The Foxhole. The bullets were flying…er..a… kettle bells. Almost anyway as Launch Pad and Blue Steal came in HOT to our new parking place. This was my first Q leading a gear workout so I didn’t want to disappoint. My neon green watch that debuted at Day Zero and was coveted by Tiger Rag had given up the ghost so Mighty Mite became the official time keeper.



SSH 25

Imperial Walka 25

Peter Parker 25

Mtn Climbers 25

Merkins 20

Freddy Mercury 20

Mosey to center field of synthetic turf for more COP-

Ladder from 7 to 1

2 hand swing

Goblet Squat

Snatch L, R

Flutter Kick Dolly press 20x

Run to Goal line and back

Line up on side line and partner up size don’t matter-

P1 2 hand high pull

P2 sprint to other side line back peddle to mid field sprint back

P1 Reverse Lunge

P2 Slide L then R back peddle sprint

P1 Rack and Press Left

P2 Karaoke L, R, back peddle, sprint

P1 Rack and Press R

P2 Karaoke L, R, BP, Sprint

P1 Lateral KB Drag across body in Plank Position

P2 Karaoke L, R, BP, Sprint

P1 Snatch Matrix L

P2 Karaoke L, R, BP, Sprint

P1 Snatch Matrix R

P2 Karaoke L, R, BP, Sprint

Farmers Carry with a 5 merkin chaser around soccer field.

Lift’em high for mosey back to parking lot for COT

Mole Skin:

T claps for youngsters Blue Steel and Launch Pad for posting 3 Mondays in a row. I warn you it’s habit forming. You almost sent to pax diving for the bushes ( without KB) coming in hot like that. However I don’t think you car would have faired so well hitting a pile of KB’s especially Mighty Mites cannon ball. The handle on that thing is as big as the bell it self. Pax was mostly quiet except a few growns over the 7’s ladder. The Snatch Matrix comes courtesy of Byron from Metro. However I should’ve introduced it before I was already smoked as I believe I threw my back out. Should’a kept my back straight like I said. I hope everyone got their monies worth. I was pretty thrashed. Thanks Mighty Mite for the time… nothing like reading your watch while swinging that cannon ball. ¬†Thanks Market Time and Honey Bee for the Q. ¬†Anyone thinking if Qing The Foxhole forget weinkies it’s too dark. Strong work by the pax and great closing prayer. Hope to do it again, gentlemen. See you in the “Gloom.” Next Monday no Foxhole. See you at the Convergence.


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Honey Bee
Honey Bee
10 years ago

Great Q BLC! I like the original moves although I am not coordinated enough for flutter-dolly-press. See you next week for the convergence. We will need all bells for a rotation station. Musical Tabata is making a come back.

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