Don’t get too excited LD!

Don’t get too excited LD!

18 pax got some early morning shopping in at The Maul.

The Thang:

Start a short mosiey to the Parking lot in front of the movie theater for warmup

25 Side straddle hops in cadence

20 Imperial walker in cadence

10 Merkins in cadence.

Indian run to the fountain.


30 dips

20 derkins

10 burpees

Repeato X 3

Plank work lead by Mighty Mite

Indian run to the parking lot in front of target

Mary Go Round(what LD calls the MoM…I like it) led by YHC

Flutter X 25

Dolly X 25

Rosalita X 25

Heels to Heaven X 25

Exploding Merkins X 10 (Thanks Haze!)

Indian run to parking lot in front of the Movie theater.

15 prisoner squads

20 jump lunges in place

YHC takes over for a mosey to the hill near the start point for a incline/decline merkin ladder

6 inclines at the top, one decline merkin at the bottom.  5 at top, 2 at bottom…..until 1 at top, 6 at bottom.

Split up into 3 groups for pain stations

20 yards of wall walkers

20 yards of bear crawl

100 meter run

Repeato X 2

Split up into 2 lines for a spint relay race ~ 60 yards.  Everyone waiting in line does LBCs.



Long Distance was clearly very excited to get his first Q started.  He started sprinting from the start point to get to the warmup COP and left the rest of the pax in the dust.

I don’t think any a single member of the pax could claim they weren’t smoked after dips/derkins/burpee cocktail that Long Distance mixed up over by the fountain.  Ouch.

YHC asked Subway if he preferred merkins or bear crawls.  Which is akin to asking a man if he would like to spend the day at the DMV or on jury duty.  Both are quite distasteful.

YHC is still puzzled as to how Philmont was able to beat him in the last sprint of the day.  Coulda sworn I had 20 pace lead on him at one point…


The Sons of Ballantyne will be facing off against the Fast Twits….er Fast Twitchers on Tuesday, August 27th at Jay M Robinson Middle at 5:15(not 5:30).  There will be a variety of events including a mile run and relay event.  If you’re a regular at either workout, you’re encouraged to attend and compete.  The normally scheduled Fast Twitch and Bagpipe workouts are cancelled next week on the day of this competition. 

New Thursday workout, Rebel Yell, launches 8/29 at Polo Ridge Elementary.

New 3rd F workout begins 9/13 at the Panera at Carmel Commons.  The group will be discussing the book, “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire”.


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10 years ago

Sounds like a batch of hurt. Hopefully won’t be too fat and happy after this week for the face off

Mic Check
Mic Check
10 years ago

Awesome lead today Long Distance. It was followed up nicely by a shoulder and leg burning from Mighty. Solid workout boys.

Honey Bee
Honey Bee
10 years ago

Sorry I missed this one. Sounds intense. See you tomorrow for Devil’s Turn to loosen up the legs for next Tuesday’s big event.

10 years ago

Glad you are joining us Honey Bee… Good to be on the side of might and right

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