Strength and Honor!

Strength and Honor!

Partner Up with same size kettle bell

Walk as a unit, one partner pushes both Kbs high while other partner does 15 Merkins continue to flap jack to parking lot (if you can’t continue presses, do shrugs with Kbs)

Circle up

Side straddle hops x 20

Imperial Walker x 20

Mountain Climber x 20

Partners go to opposite ends of parking lot each does their exercise listed below leaves their kettle bell and sprints to their partners kettle bell…when passing your partner, “Strength and Honor” is spoken aloud.  Depending on which level of parking lot you are on, top level does number specified, middle level adds two reps to number specified, lower level adds 4 reps to number specified…pick your poison, longer sprint or more reps!

30 kettle bell swings/30 goblet squats – sprint

30 kettle bell Merkins moving side to side (one hand on the kettle bell and 15 each side)/30 kettle bell curls (15 each arm) – sprint

30 (15each arm) Kettle bell Plank rows (find a curb)/30 kettle bell presses (15 each arm) – sprint

30 kettle bell upright rows (15 each arm)/30 in place goblet lunges (15 each leg) – sprint

Repeat above 2 times

Partner kettle bell run with both kbs while the other does 10 Merkins – flap jack back to the flag pole

Finish with core work – box of chocolates

37 Men showed up for a Tuesday workout to flex their muscles to grow in strength and do it with honor.  It seems the task was accomplished, as there was not much mumble chatter except for the grunts and groans the Q was close enough to hear during our core box of chocolates session at the end.  

The men were a fit pax that would make any Q proud!  It is amazing how many great men are a part of F3, and every FNG that comes is cut from the same cloth.  Keep head locking your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to come out.  Hopefully everyone received a good, moderate intensity circulation of blood through the system during the workout, and if not, I promise to step it up next time! 

In His Strength and for His Honor!



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