Why It’s a Chest Fest!

Why It’s a Chest Fest!

7 1/4 beasts were awakened early on this wet / soggy morning (some earlier than others) and entered the gloom to feast on today’s daily dose of downpainment.  More to come on the some earlier than others and the 1/4.


Nomadic Warm up

  • SSH x20
  • Imperial Walker x20
  • Run to soccer field
  • Mountain Climbers x20
  • LBCs x20
  • Run to practice field
  • Supine pull-ups  x10
  • Squats x20

 Mosey to field House 

  • Balls to the Wall – Walk the Wall to the end,
  • Carolina Dry Docks x20
  • Repeato x3

 Mosey to soccer field for Chest-o-rama

  • Merkins x20
  • Wide Arm Merkins x20
  • Diamond Merkins x20
  • Burpees x10
  • Left arm Stagger x10
  • Right arm Stagger x10
  • Superman pushups x10
  • Burpees x10

 Indian Run to Middle School

  • Dips x20
  • Decline Merkins x10
  • Rinse & Repeat

Zip gets tagged in for the 2nd half

Mosey around the school and everybody grab some wall:

  • Peoples Chair (how low can you go?) for 1 minute
  • Peoples Chair for 1 minute adding in 30 air presses (in cadence)

Mosey around the backside of the school and head for the Courts:

  • Bunny Hop up the steps X20ish

Court Work:

Enter the tennis courts for unfinished business, anyone remember Set #3 from “Game Set & Match”? 

  • Bearcrawl the width of 2 tennis courts and sprint back, 5 Burpees.  Rinse and repeat ladder style down to 1!

 Enough Tennis, vacate the courts and head for the Pitch and circle up at mid-field:

Remember “JACK WEBB”?  Well he’s not here today.

  • MERKIN IMPOSSIBLE : Merkin pyramid starting at 1 up to 10 and back down holding plank position for 5 seconds after each completion.

Mosey to the Stadium for some Bleacher Work:

  • Run the stadium bleachers to the top
  • Run the width of the stadium to the opposite side and back down
  • Plank -O- Rama

Head back home toward the VSF only to stop short at the bottom of the  hill for some Plank -O- Rama

On your bellies but don’t get comfortable.  On QICs command “GO get it Boyz” — jailbreak to the VSF.


Although a bit damp, cool temperatures again this morning which is a welcomed change from this summer’s heat and humidity.  However, I think it has the PAX dazed and confused fast forwarding their mindset to October and the fall.  Quite a few comments on how we should be watching football or stockpiling the candy bins for Halloween trick -or- treaters.  Not yet my friends, Not YET – Old Man Winter won’t be making an appearnce early.  Sister Summer will remind us of that this week coming up.

YHC was tempted to added Hardwood to the list of PAX who put in some work today and posted but thought better of it and we’ll just cover it in the moleskin.  Early reports prior to launch were that Hardwood was fartsacking and opting to hit the gym instead.  Comments such as he doesn’t like to get wet, dislikes the rain and just isn’t a mudder.  It was nice to see him finally post at 745ish only to watch from afar at the recycling center to watch in amazement at the strong beastly men.  Hope to see you next week HW weather permitting of course.  We love having you out.

We launched with 6 strong and increased to 7 when Cocoon could be seen in the distance motoring across the field like Seabiscuit #thouroughbred as the PAX was enjoying Balls to the Wall.  Saw a little Sass out of Blue Print this am when QIC Countertop suffering from 02 deprivation and requested a 10 count but asked “what’s your name again”?  Response #YouNamedMe!!!!  Although, he backed it up by being out front for the entire workout.

Spielberg, great to have you out today and co-Q’s really appreaciated your energy and encouragement to all for the entire 60 minutes!  #spiritaward #ivegotspirithowboutyou….  Keep coming out brother and look forward to seeing you post next week.  #youlive1mile away #noexcuses!

Also saw some competitiveness out there in the closing.  As QIC Z directs the PAX on their bellies for the jailbreak up the hill to the VSF, he hears Electric Slide next to him say “I got YOU”!!!  #ivandrago #iwillbreakyou…..  and he bolted up the hill on command at Mach 3 as if shot out of a cannon.  #wheels.

Hairband, although you’ll always be known as Powder Puff to me brother — Not being satisfied with only the Saturday workout and posting at the weekdays, you noticeably continue to get stronger and faster at each and every workout.  #3weekstopsuntilyourQdebut!!!!


Please keep Lisa (M-Electric Slide) in your thoughts and prayers as she’s on the waiting list desperately needing a dual transplant.  Please also keep the family of the SV Middles school Teacher who tragically died in a car accident 10 days ago in your thoughts and prayers as well.  The guilt here 15 yr old daughter (driving) must feel as if insurmountable.


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Big League Chew
10 years ago

I hated to fartsac this am but just to tired….

Big League Chew
10 years ago

Looks like the weather caused alot of fartsacing across the southland….lite turn out ….
With fall closing in it should be interesting.

10 years ago

zip… did you bust out the half-shirt for this workout

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