The Wall

The Wall

24 Pax chose not to fear the three headed monster; unlike two well rested and HDHH socializing brothers who shall go unnamed (Bananas and Fireman ED).

Warm up:

-Jog to field; 25 SSH’s, Merkin pyramid up to 10 and back down holding plank position for 5 seconds after each completion

The Thang:

-Burpee run to Colony Shopping Center (.75 miles) each time YHC blows the whistle the pax drop and complete 5 burpees.  Pax were allowed to modify as needed and the over achievers were given addtional burpees if they passed YHC during the run.  The goal was to keep the pax together. Success.

-Run to wall behind Harris Teeter for wall work: Peoples chair, BTW (extra credit for push ups), one leg people’s chair, wall push ups, one leg people’s chair, decline wall push ups.

-Run to lower parking lot for suicide run; touching each line in parking lot (approx 15).

-Burpee run back to OPE.

-6 MOM; LBCs, protractor, mountain climbers.

-jog to parking lot for plank-o-rama


-Pax have started to fear the whistle/burpee run was noted by Bananas at HDHH and as evidenced by his fartsacking today.  The individual audibles and modifying options were just the fine tuning this exercise needed to keep the pax together for the .75 mile run.  For those who wanted to push themselves to their limit and for those who needed to take a less intense route…. mission accomplished.

-T-claps to Zipadee for being the only pax that was able to yell out the entire count during the merkin pyramid… although by the end he was sounding like 13 year boy going through puberty.

-Don’t worry fartsackers… you will definitely get a shot at the Hydra Wall.  We’ll be back!

-On the burpee run back to OPE Bugeater, Wolfman and Lost Week were really begging for pain as they continued to run ahead of YHC even as Mall Cop hopelessly warned them not to.  I think the final 10 burpee audible to said pack worked as it appeared that Wolfman was doing knee merkins at the end.

-Nice effort by all.  I hope everyone pushed themselves to the point of failure…that was the intent.


-Check website for Thunder Road Marathon and Half Marathon info.  There is an F3 discount and this will also be a team event this year. Area 51 needs to represent!  HC and sign up today.  Specific workouts and training runs to come.

-New Thursday workout coming soon at Polo Ridge Elementary.  Crabcake Q.

-New Friday 3rd F- The Stand starting on Sept 13th at Panera Bread near Centurion.  Champagne Q



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10 years ago

That sounds like I missed exactly what I intended to miss! I will be hosting a burpee free and whistle free workout in the morning at Kevlar for those of you that hate that whistle. Good job 49er!

Iron Horse
Iron Horse
10 years ago

Well played 49er. The merkin pyramid was just the thing to blow out the cobwebs before the Burpees run. Echo the T-claps to Zipadee for keeping the cadence going during the pyramid – I couldn’t make any sound at that point. Ahh, the beauty of the cool fall weather – made it all seem easier!

10 years ago

Thanks for the props of at least sounding like a 13 yr old boy; however, Z felt like a 6 yr old girl who’d rather play with her barbies and easy bake oven instead of going through that again.

Awesome lead 49er with bringing the pain but huge T-Claps at ya in keeping the PAX together and making it fun for all! Well, it became fun at 6:16am…….

Bananas may have sacked but he totally took notes from your BB to lead Kevlar. He may not have carried a whistle but it was eerily the same and like dejavu almost!!! #termpaperstealer

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