The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of _______.

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of _______.

Sound of Music

Fill in the blank.

The air was thick when 17 brave men set off into the gloom for another encounter with #F3FastTwitch. We ran and did some other stuff.

The Thang

As promised, we got right to it as we launched out of the South Charlotte Middle School parking lot at 0515, setting off at a brisk pace out to 51 and up to  Walter Davie Park, where we gathered for COP.

  • SSHs – 20 cadence
  • IWs – 20 cadence
  • Push-o-rama Super Set (all cadence): 5 diamonds, 5 narrows, 5 regulars, 5 wide-arms, 5 CDDs

Ran from the Park up 51 to the entrance of Carrington. Pause for some plank work, including some 6 inches with a 10 count (crowd pleaser following the push-o-rama super set).  From there, we ran to the bottom of a fairly substantial hill on Coburn Ct.

  • 20 squats then sprint to the stop sign at the top, plank to wait on all Pax, mosey back down (more on this below)
  • 20 squats then sprint to the stop sign at the top, plank to wait on all Pax, mosey back down
  • 20 squats then sprint to the stop sign at the top, plank to wait on all Pax, mosey back down

From the stop sign at Coburn Ct, we headed over to Rosecliff, stopping at the speed bump at the base of the baby hill that led us back out to Strawberry Lane.  There we did some more hill work:

  • Sprint to the top, 10 burpees, plank, mosey back down
  • Sprint to the top, 10 burpees, plank, mosey back down

From there we ran back to the school parking lot, just in time to meet Mary.

  • Dollies – 15 (cadence), hold ’em, spread ’em, together, spread ’em, together
  • Flutters – 15 (cadence), hold ’em, spread ’em, together, spread ’em, together
  • Russian twists – 15 (cadence)

COT (great send-off from Chelms)


  • With the GRC and vacations behind them, the #BRR boys were out in full force to chase the miles and work the hills. Even Stone Cold set aside the Cro-Magnon kettlebell to make his first #F3FastTwitch appearance, although he did sport the tank top to show off the guns honed at #F3Skunkworks.
  • On the first trip up the Coburn Ct hill, Spackler, powered by his Bud Lights from last night and with fresh legs from his vacation, blew past most of the Pax on his way to the top.  Once he got there, he looked very much like Julie Andrews in the picture above, twirling about in celebration.  That was quickly dashed by the news of a mosey back down and repeato x2…”I thought we were only going once”, he muttered.
  • Joker, 49er, Turkey Leg and Frasier continue to be pace setters.  Candy Cane was right up there at the end as well.
  • Overall, we logged 3.67 miles this morning and tackled some pretty solid hills.  It was a great effort by all the Pax, as we ran at a solid clip between each stop and everyone really pushed hard up the hills each time.  TL, thanks for letting me lead such a strong group of men.
  • Welcome to FNG Candy Cane (Dexter P.).  Candy Cane is a Mizuno rep and an endorsement deal for the Men of #F3FastTwitch is already in negotiations.


  • F3 discounts for ThunderRoad marathon and half-marathon (11/16) have been negotiated.  More details to follow on the website.
  • HDHH at Vintners on Wednesday.  Check out Twitter for any additions and/or audibles.



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10 years ago

Great lead today Haze.

Stone Cold’s shirt wasn’t just sleeveless, it was practically backless. Must be a special design to allow for maximum exposure of the pecs, guns, lats, etc.

Stagecoach threw the penalty flag on my squat form today… suggesting I wasn’t getting a full 90-degrees. They felt legit to me, but may have to go to the replay booth.

It’s always fun when Frasier passes everyone like we are standing still. From now on I vote that Frasier wear a 20lb weight vest to future Fast Twitch workouts.

10 years ago

After this mornings shellacking, I am officially detoxed of all 11 days of vacation. I shall be 100% for DV tomorrow. Great work PHaze!

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