Ant Bites

Ant Bites

Posted on behalf of Alf…

19 PAX rolled out for an early Monday morning story of good news and bad news on YHC’s first time Q.  The good news:  A burpee free workout.  The bad news:  No one could physically raise their hand and ask for some burpees by the end of it.

 The Thang:

 Warm up:

SSH x 50

Slow Squat x 20

Merkin x 40

Caralina Dry Dock x 40

 Head to sidewalk

 Partner up for some quad and shoulder work

 Partner 1:  Sprint to cone at 50m, 30 CDD’s, sprint back

Partner 2:  Lunge in place until partner tags

Flapjack and Repeat with each partner running for 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5, and 0 CDDs.

Plank-o-rama when done

 Mosey to rock pile

Ditch your partner and pick up a man size stone.  Preferably not one covered in fire ants, unless you want to sit this round out.


10 front raises

20 push presses

30 squats

 Repeat for 3 turns.  Add 5 extra reps to each exercise on the 3rd cycle.

Mosey back over to school

People’s chair

Balls to the Wall

Decline merkins x 20

People’s chair

Balls to the Wall

Incline merkins x 20

People’s chair

Balls to the Wall  

CDD’s x 20

(Based on the chatter down the line this 3rd set was a huge crowd pleaser)

Head to the end of the parking lot for some Jack Webb:  1 merkin, 4 air presses, 2 merkins, 8 air presses… through 10 merkins, 40 air presses.  Mix up the sets with some diamond, staggered and wide arm merkins.  


LBC x 40

Dolly x 30

Flutter x 30

OYO – sprint to fence on the other side of track, 20 decline merkins with feet on top of the fence.  Sprint to parking lot for COT.


Thanks to Joker and the rest of the PAX for the opportunity for the 1st time Q.  When YHC planned out the workout I thought 160+ CDD’s would make for a nice shoulder workout.  YHC neglected to realize 19 PAX in that position for an extended period of time sort of ruins the view of a good sunrise.

Looking forward to the next opportunity to lead this group.

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