World Tag Team Championships

World Tag Team Championships


22 Pax entered the squared circle and took their shot at the #F3Centurion World Tag Team Championship belts on this very humid Friday morning.  Mall Cop and Purple Haze on the tag team Q. It was not pretty. Here’s how we slammed our heads into the turnbuckle:

The Thang

Purple Haze Q – Mosey to the parking lot to the right of the football field:

  • Baby jog around the parking lot islands…did some high knees, butt kicks, backwards run and karaoke.
  • Stop for the COP: Squats – 20 cadence (hold that last one at the bottom); Merkin mini-set #1 – 5 cadence each…narrow, regular, wide; Jumping Lunges – 20 cadence; Merkin mini-set #2 – 5 cadence each…diamond, stagger R, stagger L; Slow Jump Squat – 10 cadence (hold that last one at the bottom); Merkin mini-set #3 – 5 cadence each…regular, CDDs, regular (hold that last one in a plank, then 6 inches).

Tag into Mall Cop…into the ring and ready to go – Mosey from CLT Catholic School to the Aquatic Center with some lunge walk mixed in for good measure.

  • Partner up (size doesn’t matter) at the top of the parking lot hill. Partner 1 runs down the hill, 5 burpees at the bottom, then runs back to the top to tag team with their partner.  Partner 2 does exercise called until partner 1 returns.  Flapjack, then plank when done.  Exercises for each round were: 1) Merkins 2) Squats 3) Carolina Dry Docks 4) Alternating Lunges 5) Flutter 6) Merkins
  • This time the whole pax lunge walked down the hill, then Bear Crawled back up.
  • Lastly, the whole pax lunge walked down the hill, then Burpees Broad Jumped back up.

Tag into Purple Haze…a jump from the top rope to finish this thing. – Mosey to the Hospice Center parking lot for some Mary.

  • Dolly – 15 cadence…then hold it, spread ’em, together, spread ’em, together
  • Mountain Climbers – 15 cadence
  • Flutters – 15 cadence…then hold it, spread ’em, together, spread ’em, together
  • Exploding Merkins – 15 on Q’s count
  • LBCs – 15 cadence…then hold that last crunch
  • Groiners – 15 OYO
  • Plankorama, regular then elbows…with multiple 10 counts, just to make us think we were done

Mosey back for COT.


  • The tag team Q idea was born when it was realized that no one person could replace Chelms.  And with it, memories of the Road Warriors, Minnesota Wrecking Crew and even the Rock-N-Roll Express flooded in.  Sound off in the comments with your favorite tag team duo of all time.
  • It was a risky move…but YHC planned a COP without SSHs or IWs.  We just got right to it with all the leg work and the merkin mini-sets.  Not a lot of chatter…so one can assume that this one brought sufficient burn to the quads and pecs.
  • MC took us over to the hill at the Aquatic Center.  It was 93% humidity.  And there’s not a single stirring of air at the bottom of that hill.  It was awful.  During the tag team events, it was nice to see and hear a lot of encouragement as partners tagged in and out for the jaunt down to the bottom for the burpees.
  • Each exercise at the top brought its own measure of pain and left the Pax stretching out over the top rope ready to be tagged in…otherwise a 3 count pin down looked imminent.  Then came the bear crawl up the hill…it seemed to last forever.
  • And in a move equivalent to throwing someone over the top rope, MC called for the #UphillBurpeeBroadJump to close out his Q.  Immediate disqualification brother!
  • Once again, the Hospice center parking lot offered no pain management whatsoever.  The “hold-its” combined with the “spread ’ems” seemed to be a crowd pleaser, judging from the groans.  The multiple 10 counts on the elbow planks was a great teaser, pushing the Pax past the point where they thought we were done…good for the core, not so good for the elbows.


  • New 3rdF called “The Stand” starting on 9/13.  Starts at 6:30 right after #F3Centurion at the Panera at Carmel Commons. Champagne and Purple Haze on Q, leading through a book to be determined.  Make plans to join.
  • New Saturday workout at OP Elementary 0700…#F3Ascent.  This is a moderate intensity workout…a perfect one to EH your buddies to.  No more excuses!
  • Sign-up for F3Dads trip to Camp Thunderbird.  Spots still available…but hit the website soon!
  • Area51 t-shirts…2nd round of ordering still open through Saturday night.

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10 years ago

Indeed, a couple of the pax did not handle the non-side straddle hop and non-Imperial Walker COP very well. Strong.
The mini Merkin set with CDD’s was indeed a kryptonite sandwich for me – Thank you very little.
And MCs uphill Burpee Broad jump was wretched.
Kudos also to my Sharona for posting all week long after wrecking his shoulder at Diamondhead. T collapse to a man with 6+ decades of wear and tear on those tires.
And Philmont’s contractions seem to be coming farther and farther apart…

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