Begin At The Beginning

Begin At The Beginning

6 ruck maniacs emerged from the gloom at Carmel Middle School for the launch of F3’s first and only ruck-focused workout, SPEARHEAD.


We kicked off the launch of SPEARHEAD by evaluating each pax’s baseline fitness using the Army’s Basic Fitness Test (ABFT). Here’s how it went down:

COP Light Warmup led by Bob The Builder:
– 20 Side Straddle Hops in cadence
– 20 Imperial Walkers in cadence

ABFT led by Dora
– Partner Up
– 2 minutes AMRAP Push Ups (Merkins to you)
– Flapjack
– 2 minutes AMRAP Sit Ups (Sit Ups to you)
– Flapjack
– 2 minute rest for run instructions
– 2 mile run for time

Extra Credit
– Selection Burpees* for each run finisher after 60 second rest
– 5 more Selection Burpees* for everyone
* A ‘Selection Burpee’ is a normal burpee with 5 push ups instead of 1, followed by 5 single-count mountain climbers before bringing the legs back in for the jump.



Congratulations to all the men for completing the ABFT this week. We will revisit this test on an ongoing basis to track our progress and set improvement goals. No rucks this time because you don’t do the ABFT with bricks on your back — that’s next week.

The older you are the easier it is to pass the ABFT. A minimum score of 180/300 is required to pass, and it’s nearly twice as hard for a guy in his 20s to pass then it is for a guy in his 40s. War Daddies got it easy this time, but if you passed, you are probably going to take 5 years off the clock for next test.

If you plan on coming to SPEARHEAD in the future you’ll be encouraged to do the ABFT on your own and send Dora or Bob The Builder your scores. We’re keeping track of them for everyone.

Here’s the strict instructions for the ABFT. Follow them to the letter:
ABFT Standards Guide:

Next week the rucks come out and the bricks go in and the pain comes down. Future custom F3 GORUCK events will be harder than ever. This is the place to come to get ready.

Pre-order your kickass SPEARHEAD shirt here:

Follow @SPEARHEADf3 on Twitter for workout and event updates:

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