The Gopher

The Gopher

22 Pax, including 1 FNG, took on The Gopher this morning in Death Valley.   This workout had been on the shelf of almost 4 months so YHC decided it was time to dust it off and tweak it a little.

Warm up: There wasn’t one.

The Thang:

-Partner up.

-Complete 20 burpees per team.

-Man A runs to football field and one lap around track then back to transition area.  Man B runs down steps to baseball field and completes 20 each of: dips, modified pull ups, CDD’s, LBC’s then runs back to transition area where each team completes a total of 20 burpees (divided up at each team’s discretion). Flapjack.  Continue cycle for 40 minutes.

-5 MOM: 20 each- Dollys, Freddie Mercury’s, Rosalita, LBC’s.

-What?…Still 2 minutes left… complete 10 burpees on your own (aka… the Donkey Kong Closer)

-Pax were too fast…. still 1 minute left… plank-o-rama.


-Not much chatter as pax were spread out on the course and O2 deprived.  I think the most cycles completed was 5 1/2.

-YHC changed the team transition exercise from last time from 20 merkins to 20 burpees.  Ouch!  But a definite keeper.

-Around cycle #4 Joker mentioned to YHC that FarSide was leaving transition area before his team had completed  the 20 burpees.  YHC would have said something to said cheater…had he not been my partner. (one of the privileges of being Q!).  In all fairness to FarSide… YHC was clearly slowing him down and he even ended up spotting me a few burpees on the last 2 laps.  #dudeisamachine.

-Tclaps to Slimfast for biking to and from the workout.

-Is it me or is Pinstrips (DV regular) looking leaner and meaner?

-Great effort by all today.  Hope the pax enjoy this versitile workout.  It is what you make of it. You can do it as an individual workout; a 2 man partner workout; or a 2 man team race.  How ever you choose to tackle it…it’s a killer.




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