QIC’s dishing out the pain pre-vacation

QIC’s dishing out the pain pre-vacation

(Posted on behalf of Slap Shot & Ocho Cinco)  With a little vacation just around the corner, Slap Shot and Ocho Cinco decided to hold nothing back on the PAX this weekend.

1st Half – Slap Shot on Q

Warm-up jog around the field with the following:

  • Shuffle left and right/high knees/back peddle/karaoke left and right

COP (all IC)

  • SSH x 15
  • Merkins x10
  • Squat x 15
  • Merkins x 10
  • IW x 15
  • 10 Burpees

Jog to rock pile and grab a friend for:

  • Curls/squats/tricep extensions
  • 10 burpees
  • Curls/squats/tricep extensions
  • 10 burpees

Run to fire station/10 burpees/Run around neighborhood (1200 m?)

Plank – Right hand/Left hand/Peter Parker

Starfish (start at center light pole & run to each of 5 outlying light poles)

  • 1st lt pole LBC x 20 / Back to center 5 burpees
  • 2nd lt pole Jack Knife x 20 / Back to center 5 burpees
  • 3rd lt pole CCV x 20 / Back to center 5 burpees
  • 4th lt pole Bicycle x 20 / Back to center 5 burpees
  • 5th lt pole Merkins x 20 / Back to center 5 burpees

2nd half – Ocho Cinco on Q

Jog to playground for:

  • One legged lunge x 20
  • Jumping lunge x 20
  • Hanging knee ups x 20

Short jog around the parking lot and rinse and repeat


  • LBC x 30
  • Dolly x 30 (w/ hands high)
  • Flutter x 25 (w/ hands high)
  • People’s Chair x 90 sec w/ air presses
  • Decline merkins x 20
  • People’s Chair x 60 sec w/ air presses

Jog to track

  • Run 1/2 track & Merkins x 20
  • Run 1/2 track & Diamond Merkins x 20
  • Run 1/2 track & CDD x 20
  • Run 1/2 track & LBC x 20

Jog back to launch point for COT


-Anyone up for some cardio.  After short warm-up, the PAX were off for a run to the fire station.  Firemen enjoyed cup of coffee and watched as PAX threw down some burpees.

-PAX really happy with location of 6 MOM as Ocho Cinco strategically picked the nicest freshly cut grass for all to enjoy.

-Welcome to FNG Zan Hawkins (Seersucker), Auburn grad EH’d by Dirty Bird.  Look forward to seeing you back out in the gloom.

-Check out website for details on “1st Annual F3 Camp” to be held at YMCA’s Camp Thunderbird the weekend of Aug 16-18.  Around 150 F3 Dads and 2.0s of all ages signed up so far.

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Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

Abbacus as WD. You are old. Did the “hates” lap you?

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