Special guest – not Old Man Bulldog but Jack Webb

Special guest – not Old Man Bulldog but Jack Webb

The special guest was supposed to be Old Man Bulldog but due to the fartsack the orginal workout was tweaked on the fly and we had another special guest in the form of Mr.Jack Webb.


Mosey to parking lot. Loop around to allow Big Ben the chance to get car back on 4 wheels, park, and join up.

SSH x 20
IW x 20
Merkin x 10
MC x 15
Peter Parker x 15
Squat x 15
Stagger right merkins x 10
Stagger left merkins x 10
Diamond merkins x 8
Wide arm merkins x 10
10 burpees OYO

Partner up and head for the hills.

Partner runs hills while other partner exercises. Combine for target number of said exercise.

75 x dry dogs
50 x burpees
50 x diamond merkins
50 x jump squats

Mosey to school and split into 3 groups:

1) 15 burpees
2) Bench jumps
3) Tri dips on porch bench

Move on once someone hits 15 burpees. Repeato.

Sprint to flag pole.

Jack Webbs to 10 with LBC’s x 4 for each rep. Rep 8 was diamonds, rep 9 was wide arm, rep 10 was dive bombers.

Plank for awkward length of time. Shoulder taps for last 60 secs.



It never fails that on any given Friday someone flys down Covenant Lane going 60+ mph. It used to be Matlock, then it was MallCop, Yo Yo Ma has done it, and today it was Big Ben who’s bell obviously didn’t ring loud enough this morning! Hats off to Bananas, Good Hands, and Deep Dish who ventured in on foot risking life and limb in a bid to get a good sweat on. One of the pax made mention of a spray bottle in the back of the clown car just making it look like they’d done a pre-workout.

The plans for the workout looked very different than anticipated due to the original plan being a workout that a 62 year old arthritic rugby player could endure. Things changed quickly from 5:15am onwards. Joker started the smack talking early doors by insulting the form of the Q on the side straddle hop of all exercises. To ensure correct range of motion yours truly combined the seal jack with the SSH for true accountability.

The hills gave the pax a beating today. Having partnered with Liquorsicle (sp?) the poor lad assumed the fetal position each time Zip took over on the plank exercises so you know he was pushing it.

We had to have a taste of the Go Ruck with many of our fellow pax heading into the unknown this evening. Good luck tonight to Header, Radar, Stone Cold, Stagecoach, Young Love, Tiger Rag, Dora, Donkey Kong, and any other south pax I’ve missed. Enjoy it boys and come back with some stories and hopefully your patch!

Best of luck also to Sprague who made a surprise visit prior to his departure to Colorado. Shout out also to Cheescurd who’s been out injured for while with a dodgy hi
p flexor or something in that region (although he still posts regularly at HDHH!)

Nice job today lads.


Go Ruck send off is tonight at Mid Town Park (and NOT Independence Park) near Kings at 9:30pm for anyone that wants to see what all the hype is about. Bring a bevvie or two.

Saturday workouts as scheduled.

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