11 is an unsavory number…..or is it a celebration?

11 is an unsavory number…..or is it a celebration?

The shovel flag was planted, and 29 combatants launched an assault on the DMZ led by first time Q – Jamboree.

The Thang:

Jamboree’s Q –

Mosey from Carmel Rd. Park  to Church at Charlotte

Jog .3 miles around Church at Charlotte with 11 Lunges along the way


Peter Parkers X 11

Merkins X 11

Mountain Climbers X 11

LBCs X 10

Russian Twists X 11

Mosey to brick wall beside church and partner up; size doesn’t matter

1st partner

11 wide armed merkins (civilian count); 44 shoulder presses while in the people’s chair

11 merkins; 44 shoulder presses while in the people’s chair

11 diamond merkins; 44 shoulder presses while in the people’s chair

11 CDDs; 44 shoulder presses while in the people’s chair

2nd partner goes around the church (.3 miles) doing the following:

Bear crawl one end

Karaoke far side of church, switching 1/2 way

Run around far end

Backward run (uphill) on the closest side back to wall. Plank when finished.

Flapjack. Rinse and repeat ( so each partner went 2x around church)

Hops Q –

Jog to Carmel Rd Park basketball court

11’s – Burpees & Monkey Humpers, running cross court in between

Plank when finished

Mosey to baseball field for 10ish MoM

Low Slow Flutter x 11

Dolly x 11

Heels to Heaven x 11

Rosalita x 11

Makthar Ndjiaye’s x 11

CCVs x 11

Plank for one minute

Jog back to lot for



So the theme of 11 was in honor of Campout (Jamboree’s 2.0) – it’s his 11th birthday today, thus, all exercises were in increments or multiples of 11 except for the LBCs in COP courtesy of brain freeze by Jamboree.

T-claps to Jamboree on his first Q.  The pax was very silent, except Gangsta Mouse (more on that in a moment), as the O2 deprivation was pronounced from the get-go.  Also strong work by Jamboree, Judge Smails, Barracuda and Gangsta Mouse for jogging in for DMZ.  If I missed others – sound off in Comments.

Strong turnout for the last Monday in July; and the official, official farewell workout for Psycho T as he leaves for Colorado today.  We will miss you brother, but look forward to hearing about your successes in planting the shovel flag all over metro Denver.

YHC was partnered with Hannibal, and in very short time – Hannibal has become somewhat of a beast – nice work partner.

Gangsta Mouse was cropdusting a good part of the circle during the Mary session.  Pain added to pain #weekenddegasification

Great to see how DMZ has become a solid addition to the schedule for both Metro and Area 51.  Solid group of pax continue to make it every week – aye!


F3 Dads camp at Camp Thunderbird – Aug. 16-18 for boys and girls.  Check website for details.

3rd F workouts at 0630: Thurs @ Panera SoPark; Fri @ Chic-Fil-A Arbo; and 2 new workouts starting the week of Labor Day: Wed @ SBux-Piper Glen and Fri @ Panera Carmel Village

BRR training runs Thursday evenings – 7:30pm launch from Ben & Jerry’s on Fairview

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