Qing Is A Great Stress Reliever!

Qing Is A Great Stress Reliever!

2 Shovel Flags were planted for 2 simultaneous workouts at Calvary, and the pax were eager to get things started.  We all ran to the launching pad for a COP warmup together led by the new Base Camp lower intensity workout #F3Ascent Qed by Strange Brew:

SSH x 20, Merkins x 15, Imperial Wokkas x 15, Carolina Dry Docks x 15, Perfect Mt. Climbers x 15, Perfect Squats (slow count) x 15.

The pax was split and the Ascent guys rode off into the distance towards the soccer pitches.  At this point YHC informed The Rock pax of my hard week of late nights at work and the fact that YHC had to go in after coffeetiria for a few hours on Sat. as well and I needed to relieve some pent up stress.

The Thang:

Indian Run out to the front corner at Pineville-Matthews and Rea, then down Rea Rd to the entrance 4 hill.  With 20 pax this was a long line to sprint!

Up the entrance 4 hill with backwards lunge walk, then 15 burpees at the top.

Backwards Bear Crawl down the hill, then Karaoke Left back up, then 15 burpees at the top.

Bear Crawl down the hill, then Karaoke Right back up, then 15 burpees at the top.

Indian Run #2 down back of campus to the pavilion for 2 minutes of Peoples Chair – Arm Ups in Cadence x 20, Left Leg Up, Right Leg Up, Arm Ups x 20.

Mosey to picnic table benches by kitty litter for 3 sets of: 10 Decline Merkins, 20 Jump Ups, 30 Dips.

Mosey out to the middle of the soccer pitches and pax splits in half.  Half the pax run 75 yards out to the fence, the other half sprint 50 yards then up to the top of the Jacob’s Ladder Hill.  Once at mid-point: 10 burpees, 30 squats, then sprint back to the starting point.

Rinse and Repeat with 20 merkins and 30 Jump Lunges.

Circle Up for Mary and COP:

Flutter x 20, then hold it 6″

LBC x 25

Cumberland County Viaduct Left x 15, then Right x 15

Parker Peters x 20

In honor of Run Stopper since he wasn’t there with us: Jack Webb up to 10 Merkins / 40 Arm Ups

Mosey to the hill and Crab Walk to the top of the hill for 15 more burpees.

Mosey to the shovel flag and do squats while we wait on the Ascent pax to finish their 6 MOM.



Great work by all the pax today as I thought is was a pretty descent workout.  YHC had to relieve some of the stress of my work week and YHC pushed us pretty hard to the point I almost made myself spill merlot.  Though the great part about being the Q is you can slightly pull back on the reigns when you almost smoke yourself!

It’s been great having Unfair (20 years young) pushing us all summer at various Area51 workouts and we wish him the best as he heads back up to the Northeast to continue his college education!  Hope you come back out each time you’re in town visiting through the school year.

YHC is still trying to figure out why we call Slim Fast by this nick name as he should be called jet.  Dude was flying out there as usual along with many of our usual suspects Salt Lick, Donkey Kong, Harley, etc.  We have a great group pax that show up week in and week out and it is an honor to get to lead the pax on a regular basis.  We’ve had quite a few first time Qs recently and we would love to continue with this trend.  If you’ve Qed once or twice and would like to get in on the rotation at The Rock please let myself, Hops, or Run Stopper know.  If you’ve been coming to F3 workouts for the past 2 months you are very capable and ready to step up Q and I encourage you to do so.  We will walk you through the F3 way of leading a workout and split the session with you.


New Base Camp/Core style lower intensity workout #Ascent had it’s soft launch here at Calvary today.  This is a great choice for FNG’s, newer pax looking to build their strength and stamina, as well as those of us with injuries or coming back from injuries.  Talk it up amongst your neighbors, co-workers, and friends as there is no excuse now in South Charlotte for a Saturday workout as this is designed and geared towards them.  Ascent will temporarily be held on the Calvary campus at the same time as The Rock until it moves to it’s permanent home in just a couple of weeks.  More will come about this location soon.

F3 Dads Camp in a couple of weeks.  See the article here on the front page of the F3 website and sign-up for yourself and 2.0s, both boys and girls.

Until next time!

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