Sandbags and Poker Faces

Sandbags and Poker Faces

(On behalf of Good Hands)

20 strong and eager PAX showed up at Day Zero, ready for a Saturday downPAINment. Anticipation grew and groans were heard as Radar rolled in with the tailgate down revealing the return of the beloved sandbags.

The Thang:


Short baby jog around the parking lot. Circle up for COP:
SSH x 25
Imperial Walker x 25
Stop Motion Merkins (Smokins?) x 13
Hold it!
CDD x 10

Partner up, size doesn’t matter. Mosey to Radar’s truck and pick out a fun bag, on the way down to the track.

Catch-me-if-you-can around the 1/3 mile track. Partner 1 does 10 merkins while partner 2 runs with the sandbag, flapjack when partner 1 catches up to partner 2. Plank at the end of one lap. Rinse and repeat, this time with 10 squats. Plank when finished.

Mosey to the playground/basketball court area, kicking Gullah’s 2.0’s off the playground for some circuit work:

3 rounds of:

–          10 pull-ups

–          20 merkins (1st round regular, 2nd round diamond, 3rd round wide-arm)

–          30 dips

–          30 LBC’s

Plank when finished.

Turn it over to Radar

Mosey to mid-field, thankfully bypassing the sandbags left on the ground.

Form 2 lines for bearcrawl indian run race to the end of the field. After much modifying/groaning, audible to 20 burpees.

Stay in lines, face each other for a game of 5-card stud. Dealer pulls out a deck of cards, each with an exercise written on them. Each team gets dealt a card and does the stated exercise and # of reps. At the end of 5 rounds, best poker hand wins. Winners mosey around the track, losers do 100 yard partner-carry.

Rinse and repeat.

YHC can’t remember all of the exercises done, but it looked something like this:

–          30 burpees

–          40 knee tucks

–          40 merkin-jacks

–          50 LBCs

–          40 dollies

–          A bunch of some other things I can’t remember

Mosey back to the parking lot for some Mary:

–          50 flutters

–          40 LBCs


Great job by all the PAX today. The sandbags were welcomed back with open arms. Appreciate the time and effort put in by Radar for everyone else’s enjoyment and pain. YHC made the mistake of partnering with Purple Haze, who carried it like it was a beanbag. Hard to tell with all the sweat dripping into my eyes, but I think it was Stagecoach & Radar leading the way around the track with the sandbag. Strong work guys (PEDs?). YHC had a couple other things planned, but due to time and anticipation of Radar’s experiments, decided to go ahead and turn it over.  Mumble chatter definitely picked up with the bear crawl indian run, which was simply insane #CSAUP. The poker game was also a crowd favorite, love the creativity. Nice work by Stonecold, who ran in from The Rock.

Brick got into some fire ants out on the field…lit up his leg.  Try not to think about that undeniable, incessant itching while on the air brother!

Radar squelched a coup-de-tat to move Mary to the grass by the school and instead we did it yet again on the roughest parking lot in Area51. Makes Mary hurt just a little bit more with gravel sticking into your back.

Good luck to all the Go-Ruck PAX next week.  #muchrespect

Thanks to all for letting me Q today, it was an honor to lead such a strong group of men.

– Good Hands


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10 years ago

Great workout gentleman. However best part of the day has to be the hound at coffeeteria. What a life. Flashing the tripod and man cods and then dropping arguably the largest deuce I’ve seen a canine of that size drop.

Stone Cold
Stone Cold
10 years ago

I think I need to start seeing life through the eyes of Spackler. Hilarious!

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