3rd F – The Resolution for Men starts Friday

3rd F – The Resolution for Men starts Friday

This Friday at 0630 (Arboretum Chic Fil A) we will begin a new book focusing on the 3rd F after finishing up “The True Measure of a Man.” The new book is called “The Resolution for Men” and here is the challenge offered up on the opening pages:

Weak men will not be able to handle the contents of this book. The Resolution is not for the faint of heart, and those that commit to it will be more accountable in the future. You will be challenged to get out of your comfort zone, work through hidden issues from your past, and make strategic sacrifices for the sake of your family and your faith. But those who step up to the challenge will find that living out the Resolution will radically impact their priorities and assist them in becoming strong men who are found faithful. It will take courage, but it will be worth it all. You’ve been warned.

I hope that you accept the challenge to join Stone Cold and myself this Friday!

If you would like for me to email you a copy of the first chapter for this Friday email me at mcpinch21@aol.com. You can buy the Kindle version for $1.99 or Amazon has used copies for $6.


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10 years ago

Aye Brothers. That’s #MeanMeanStride in action. Great to see a recovering EuroZone guy step hard to the mike.

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