Pyramid [Almost]

Pyramid [Almost]

Ten men gathered at South Charlotte Middle School for that little workout call Fast Twitch.

The Thang

On the track…

3/4 mile warm up

IW X 24

200 Meter run with 200 Meter recovery X 4

400 Meter run with 400 Meter recovery X 2

On the field…

120 Yard sprint to goal post; 20 merkins and 20 squats; 120 yard sprint to goal post; LBC X 24

120 Yard sprint; 20 merkins and 20 squats; 120 yard sprint; LBC X 24

120 Yard sprint; 20 merkins and 20 squats; 120 yard sprint

Mosey to parking lot…


Wide-arm Merkin X 24

Dolly X 24

LBC X 24


  • Egyptian pyramids took at least ten years to build.  It won’t take us that long to build up to a full interval training pyramid at Fast Twitch, but it may take a few months.  Many guys [including me] started a little too fast on the 200 Meter and 400 Meter segments.  So, with our fuel gauges below empty, we abandoned ship and went to the football field to do a round of 120 yard sprints [which actually felt like rest and recovery time].
  • Great effort today by all.  Fraser set the pace on everything we did.  Strange Brew and Leroy were really pushing themselves.  I don’t know if we are fast, but we are all faster than we were just a couple of months ago.     
  • Not much chatter at Fast Twitch.  It is definitely not a social workout. 
  • Covered about 3.5 miles today; next time we do this routine we will shoot for 4 to 4.5 miles.
  • After we named our FNG “Goose” today I remembered that we already have a Goose in the Area 51 Pax [though I haven’t seen him in while].  Next time the new Goose shows up he may get re-named with our second choice from today… Misty May. 

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10 years ago

Don’t know how you got to Misty May (is he a trainer? did we wear a sports bra and shorts with his rear hanging out?) but if you are asking me, stay on the Goose theme and go with Duck Duck.

Where was 49er? Is he tapering for Booty? Seems like he should have been there to mention the 51 Booty fundraiser tomorrow night at the The Lodge:

Purple Haze
10 years ago

Fast Twitch continues to be one of my favorite workouts (with Day Zero being my favorite of course). I always leave there feeling completely annihilated…but absolutely knowing I got better. Great job today Joker and another solid effort by all the Men of Fast Twitch (MFTs).

Tiger Rag – The FNG is an Air Force vet who plays competitive beach volleyball so the Pax went with Goose (even though Goose was technically in the Navy) to capture both those elements. The second choice of Misty May was obviously focused on the volleyball prowess. I vote Misty May.

Reply to  Purple Haze
10 years ago

Look, I’ll continue to ooze genius from every pore, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. Horse, water, and all that.

As for emasculating nicknames, I’m all for them. Except for armed forces vets. Even the Air Force (I kid! I’m a kidder!). I say give him a strong to moderately strong name. It’s in your nest interest to have come back. Don’t want work leaking out that the A51 volleyball team got beat by a bunch of truckers at the picnic. #Ringer (and there’s your name….)

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