Game – Set & Match!!!!

Game – Set & Match!!!!

8 bad@$$es embraced the country gloom down here in the Trail and got after there weekend submission of downPAINment only to simply get Served!!!

the THANG:

Mosey around to the back of the school to the far parking lot and circle up for some COP.


20X Imperial Walker

15X Merkins – hold – 20X Peter Parkers – 20X Parker Peters

20X Dollies – hold – 20X Flutters – hold – 20X Freddie Mercury (bicycle) – hold – 10 count to finish.

Tennis Court Work:

Mosey from the back parking lot back up to the front of the school to the courts for some 11’s.

Set #1

– Squats and Merkins (run the width of 2 courts between each set of exercises) – plank

Set #2

– “Burpee Suicides” – X5 – Plank

Set #3

– Bear Crawl Length – Run Back – 5 Burpees ****Due to time, Q had to call an audible – next time boys****

Rail work:

Mosey to the rails for “Supine Pull Up Ladder”

10X inboard – 8X inboard – 6X inboard – 4X inboard – 2X inboard

Links Work (that’s golf for you more than country folk):

CT takes the helm and mosey’s the PAX to the Disc Golf Field- Bearcrawl – Plank – Carolina Dry Docks X20

– Lunge Walk – Sister Mary Catherines X20

Extended Mary

– LBC X20 – Scissor Crunches X20 – PLANK – Back Scratchers X15 – Side Crunches (X10 each side)


– Leg Lowers (aka jacknife?) X15

– Dolly X20

Mosey to the pull up bars for (Eight’s)

– Hanging leg lifts 7,6.5….

– Jump Ups 1,2,3….

Bust out your best pirate personna and Walk the Plank matee

Man Work:

– Man – Maker Pushups X5 (each side)

– Dips X20 on the actual dip bars

– Man – Maker Pushups X5 (each side)

– Dips X10

Mosey to the bottom of the hill and…….. Prison Break up the hill to the track….



Great showing of actual troo south CLT natives who actually live in the UC #unioncountyrocks

Strong showing by Sleeper Hold (FNG), props to you for making the trek all the way down from Metro for your first time out #youlivenexttofreedompark? #whatwereyouthinking? #brotherbondingopportunity?  Keep coming out brother, I promise – it doesn’t get easier.

Also a strong showing from Deadwood on his 2nd time out who caught his 2nd wind during the 2nd half #alotof2nds of the work out and really started the mumble chatter.  Especially during the extended Mary where he began throwing out challenges to the PAX #6inches #howlowcanyougo

Cottontail & Swiss Miss were having some sort of mono y mono competition between the 2 because they were flying out there.  They were getting quite competitive to the point Cottontail began making accusations and requesting a rename for SM #brownnoser.  I can see this rivalry only intensifying going forward or until Cottontail finally moves out past Hwy 218 #siberia.

Schnizel, I swear you’re some sort of freak of nature.  You simply have the motor that just doesn’t stop and keeps on running.  Never complain (Big League Chew took care of all the complaining mumble chatter today), cool calm and collective and just go-go-go!!!!  Thanks for setting the bar high and pushing all of us out there today.

Not sure why QIC “Z” got called out for his Mineral Springs math counting that he must have immediately inherited via osmosis in all of 45 minutes from Deadwood but he did.  And to the PAX delight, QIC Countertop instructed Z to close with leading the PAX through a 10 burpee finish #crowdpleaser

Aye brothers – strong workout today by all #F3Strong!





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Big League Chew
10 years ago

Total bead down out there. M. BLC is complaining ’cause BLC ant worth nothin’ this afternoon. Looking forward to my new sat. morning home! Lots of untapped natural resources in the Outland. I’ve already prepared my Q for next sat. gloom. I’m on a roll with naming FNG’s 2 posts and 2 fng’s named…#Disco Duck for the DJ from last Sat. and today #Sleeperhold for FNG nurse anasthetist…I knew there was a nickname in there somewhere. Sleeperhold you can thank my love of ’70s rasslin for that one. Hey I’m from Tupelo MS, what else was there to do on Friday nights as a kid. Some of those Area 51 uppitties need to come on down for a visit with there #specialized workouts…AYE

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